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Covid-19 Shelter-in-place Orders Trigger Ideas for Home Improvement

The number of new cases of Covid-19 in Australia declined after peaking in August 2020. There are only 39 active cases as of February 21 this year. The total number of cases and deaths is well below the figures in many other developed countries. This shows that Australia’s pandemic policies are effective. These include strict border controls, lockdowns, widespread testing, and social distancing.

In Perth, however, a single case triggered a five-day snap lockdown from the evening of January 31 to February 5. This was a necessary immediate response to protect the population. Since February 14, Western Australia was back to pre-lockdown conditions. People do not have to wear masks even outside. They must still practice social distancing and frequent hand washing, though.

The situation is still in flux. A single case at any time can cause another lockdown. It is best to prepare yourself. When you are at home, ask yourself—are you delighted or miserable? Do you need to repair, maintain, or renovate your home to meet changing needs during the pandemic? This is the time to do so.

Your Own Outdoors

One of the difficult restrictions of a lockdown is staying indoors. A yard can ease the situation. You can enjoy your own outdoors without defying orders.

A yard is not enticing if it is a mere patch of bald earth. Weeds are also eyesores. Staying outdoors in such conditions will not lift your spirits.

If you are up to it, you can install your lawn. Take note that you must first prepare your site. Check if you need to grade the land. You must then install topsoil and sod. Only after that can you roll out the lawn of your choice.

You must know what type of grass to choose based on your budget and the level of maintenance you can commit to. Part of maintenance is mowing. So is regular and proper lawn watering. You must choose a reticulation system of good quality that conserves water. You must also install it yourself. Prepare to do regular inspections and any necessary repairs.

If you do not want to go through all that trouble, you must consult professionals such as Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation. With professional help in that area, you can even add decorative plants around your lawn.

You can also install artificial grass instead. This will cut down on cost and maintenance. Either way, a beautiful lawn will provide you with ample breathing space outside.

Home Repairs and Renovation

You will still spend most of your time inside the house. Now is the time to check every nook and cranny for anything that needs fixing.

The most obvious ones will be staring you in the face as you spend your days indoors. Is your wall paint or wallpaper peeling? Or is it no longer at par with your taste? Is it too dark or too plain? Do you want a change after many years?

Before tackling that painting job, you must check if there is anything you need to focus on first. Do you only want to paint that wall, or do you prefer to remove it instead? Will connecting two rooms expand your space and lessen the feeling of confinement?

Before removing a wall, you must check if doing so will not weaken your home structure. If you are not a professional in this field, you must consult the professionals. Your goal is to improve your home. Do not risk damaging it.

bathroom design

Are you pleased with your bathroom? Is your shower system efficient? Do you want to replace your shower curtains with a shower partition? If you have enough space, do you want a bathtub? It can be a relaxing spot indoors.

You will also see the need for a lot of small repairs if you inspect your house thoroughly. A house deteriorates through the years. Are there doors that creak? Are windows misaligned? Do all cabinet doors close properly? Do all drawers open and close smoothly?

Does your carpet need deep cleaning, or do you need to change it? Are wooden floors or tiles more suitable to your current lifestyle? It is easier to sanitize them.

Check your home’s exterior, as well. The paint on your outside walls is what more people see. You must also inspect your roof.

Happy to Be Home

The lockdowns prompted a lot of people to assess their homes compared to their needs and wants.

For some, it was a wake-up call for overdue repairs. For others, it was an opportunity to finally make the changes they wish for.

You can also do both. You can undertake repairs and add whatever you want to enhance your home experience. After that, you will always be happy to be home.

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