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Converting an Old Kid’s Room to a Studio or Craft Room

If you’re looking for a creative way to make use of the space of your kid’s old room, consider transforming it into a crafting room or studio. This doesn’t only offer a dedicated place to work at home, but it also gives you a private space where you can explore your creativity without worrying about the mess you may make.

Here are six steps to convert an old kid’s room into a creative haven for you.

Make It Accessible

Make the space easily accessible. Avoid putting or installing too many accessories. It’s best to have a wider working area for your projects. Make your supplies or instruments accessible in just one room. It’s best to sort your crafting materials properly. This will save you time from going from one room to another to get the things you need.

Take it Outdoors

If your child’s room is downstairs and has access to your yard, consider using that open space, allowing you to craft while enjoying the fresh air. You can set up a small table outside, a chair, and have outdoor awnings or sun shades covering your work area, enabling you to make your creations without the sun’s glare bothering you.

Get the Right Furniture

It’s best to have the right furniture that suits every project you’re going to make. The right choice of furniture in your studio can make a big difference in your work output. The most important that makes a good craft haven is the worktable. The best type of worktable is the one with more table surface and a perfect height that makes you comfortable while working. A rotating drafting table that can change its angle based on your preference is a prime example of ideal workplace furniture.

Organize Accordingly

Making your studio ready for crafting when your artistic inspiration strikes are one of the keys to successful output. Dedicating a space for your crafting tools such as a decorative cabinet is one way to organize your materials. It’s also essential to put the materials and tools back properly after using them—and making it a habit will significantly help you organize your tools.

You can also develop your own organizational systems, such as organizing them by color, alphabet, size, or material. Using see-through storage or plastic boxes is also applicable in sorting your crafting tools effectively. You can quickly locate and see the material you need by using this technique. It also adds a decorative element because of the range of colors of your crafting materials.
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Mix It Up

Make your crafting studio not only for crafting but also a place for all types of art. For example, you can mix your artwork with music or anything that has to do with your hobbies or other interests. You can display your musical instruments in your crafting room, such as guitar, violin, or piano, which you can play during your break time. This can also enhance and add inspiration to your craftworks.

Display Your Work

When setting up your studio, always include areas to dry, store, and display your works. You can use a particular shelf for drying and another shelf for storing. Don’t forget, and don’t hesitate to display your artworks in your own craft haven. You can use the empty walls to hang your works with twines and clothes pins. You can also designate a specific area for showcasing your artworks, such as customized shelves or racks.

Whether your kids are all grown up and going to college or moving to a different room inside your home, make the most of the space and turn it into a place where you can get messy—and explore your creativity. The steps mentioned can help you transform an old kid’s room or any room into the ultimate creative studio or crafting space you deserve.

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