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Classic Interior Design Elements That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

It might be tempting to paint your walls a bold colour after seeing it from a trendy interior design magazine, but, in a few years, would feel happy with your bright blue wall? If you are considering renovating your home, here are a couple of ideas to incorporate for a timeless look.

Timber Flooring

Timber flooring continues to be a popular option everywhere in the world, and for a reason. They can look rustic or elegant, depending on a room’s decor, and, in time, they develop character.

While traditional houses used 100% timber, modern homeowners there are other options. Engineered timber is available in many shops in Melbourne to help you achieve that timeless look. While it is made by layering different kinds of timber together. Many are starting to opt for engineered timber floorings in their homes because they offer a number of benefits that the more traditional solid timber does not.

For one, engineered timber is easier to install. Unlike solid timber plans that can only be nailed or stapled into place, engineered timber plans can be nailed, stapled, folded and locked, and glued on the floor. It is also better at dealing with moisture. Due to its structure, it is less likely to warp or flex when it encounters water. Engineered timber, therefore, can be used in areas of the house where moisture often accumulate such as the basement or the bathroom. Moreover, it looks exactly like the real stuff, but they are cheaper. Once installed, no one will be able to tell if you used engineered or solid timber in your home.

Light Colours

Neutrals are often associated with a classic style. Bright and bold colors are considered edgy and they more often appear in modern homes. Although richer hues, such as deep brown, green, and black, can be incorporated within a traditional home, often, beige and off-white are preferred.

Aside from the fact that light colours provide comfort and tranquility, neutral walls also make for the perfect backdrop to art pieces and intricate antique furnishings.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage interior design of luxury house

If you want to follow popular trends in 2020, vintage furniture is one that you should invest in. Architectural Design predicts that antique and traditional furnishings are becoming more popular among interior design fans not just because they look great, but because purchasing or reusing older pieces are friendlier to the environment. Moreover, vintage furniture is built to last and will always look sophisticated.

Designing your home in a classic style is relatively easy. Choose simple elements to incorporate instead of pieces that make bold statements. Natural materials like wood and stone can add an old-world feel into your home. You can also insert trendy items into your home without losing its timeless elegance, but make sure that the piece does not set the tone for the room.

At the end of the day, your home should be a reflection of yourself. Whether your style is classic or trendy, always choose to wake up in a home that makes you feel comfortable and fill you up with joy.

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