Types of Design Concepts for Modern Workspaces

The transformation happening all around has not spared the business environment. Industries have seen the introduction of machines to ease their processes while offices are now more than ever before focused on interior design. Interior design might have been present, albeit to a smaller degree than nowadays, in workplaces focused on creativity. Today, however, even seemingly conservative fields like the banking and legal sectors have introduced some exciting interior design details into their offices without affecting their security.

People assume they do not need companies offering interior design services for their offices with numerous online décor tips. The articles are undoubtedly helpful in giving you ideas to start in your office’s design. An expert will nonetheless aim to work around a particular design concept based on the employees and clients you want to attract. The following are some of the design concepts that make most of today’s offices.

Activity-Based Workspaces

Offices designed around the activity-based concept have employees that can work from anywhere that matches their activity. If for example, someone wants to brainstorm ideas with co-workers, an open-communication space will be their choice while for high concentration, isolated, quiet areas are perfect. Activity-based workspaces include open spaces, privacy spots, quiet focus areas, lounges, and meeting spots. This is one of the most satisfying workspaces for employees.

Flexible Workspaces

These feature portable tables, chairs, and desks that are also resizable, unlike traditional office furniture that is fixed. A meeting table in the flexible workspace can, for instance, be quickly resized by detaching or attaching its modular components. Most flexible workspaces also have unassigned seating provisions. This means that an employee need not sit at one desk every day. This has been proven to boost overall job performance provided your office data and activities are digitized.

Biophilic Workspaces


This category brings nature to your office. The biophilic design hinges on the premise that everyone has an innate need to relate to nature. With this connection, he/she has better concentration, creativity, health, and ultimately increased job performance. In the biophilic workspace design, abundant natural lighting, flowing water from mini-fountains and waterfalls and plants are some of the elements that will be included in your office. You will also have magnificent landscape views of your natural surroundings or paintings with nature subjects if you do not have a natural view.

Ergonomic Workspaces

Sitting at desks for an extended period over time takes a toll on your employees. The ergonomic workspace incorporates several elements into your workspace to boost your employees’ overall long-term health. Exercise ball chairs, height-adjustable work desks, stand/sit desk risers and ergonomic chairs are some of the elements in ergonomic workspaces. This might seem inconsequential, but the public will be drawn to an organization focused on more than their profits and taking an interest in their employees’ health.

Office design is more than furniture and one or two paintings. Settling on a concept from the above is only a step toward an exceptional modern workspace. It is prudent to settle for an interior design company that walks you through your best choices and also offers fit-outs for the same. This guarantees the design looks like you envisioned.

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