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Can Black Mold Have any Effect on Your Health?

Do you notice any black streaks in your bathroom tiles, especially in the grout? Are there any dark spots around your kitchen pipes? If so, then there’s a chance that your house might already have a black mold infestation.

Black mold can wreak havoc inside homes and even buildings. It can cause severe damages to a person’s health and can also cause various symptoms. But what is black mold and how does it affect a person’s health?

Black mold and your health

The effects of exposure to moldy environments depend on the person’s sensitivity to molds. Some experience nasal stuffiness while others don’t experience anything at all. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that symptoms include throat and skin irritation. Those with compromised immunity, as well as chronic lung diseases, are most prone to the effects of mold exposure. Aside from the common symptoms, they can also suffer from severe infections in their lungs.

Prolonged exposure to mold can also cause black mold poisoning. It usually happens when a person breathes several mycotoxins over a long period. Mold produces mycotoxins as its defense mechanism, which affects a person’s respiratory system over time. Some of its symptoms include red eyes, itchiness, and sore throat. Some also experience coughing and wheezing.

If left untreated, black mold poisoning can lead to headaches and frequent chest colds. It can also cause the sinuses to get inflamed and even experience lethargy. In rare cases, some people experience memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

mold growing in an abandoned house

Black mold inside your home

Molds can enter any home through open spaces. It can even attach itself through pieces of clothing, as well as pets. Once inside, mold can spread and grow in places with a lot of moisture. It also thrives on cardboards and other paper products. It can also grow in dust and wallpaper.

Aside from hiring a professional tile cleaning service in Provo, Utah or any other metropolitan area, you can control mold infestation by monitoring the humidity levels. You should also ensure that there aren’t any leaky roof and pipe around the house. Furthermore, cleaning and drying your home after getting flooded can help, too.

Mold also appears in different colors. An area infested with mold smells musty, too. If you already see mold in your home, clean it up and fix the source of moisture immediately. Commercial products are available at any store that will help you remove those molds easily.

Always read the instructions when using any commercial product for cleaning the mold. Experts highly advise never to mix ammonia with bleach. Doing so will only cause it to produce toxic fumes, which can be harmful to your health. Wear protective covering every time you use any cleaner to ensure your protection.

Mold can be problematic, especially if you don’t manage it immediately. So, it’s best to keep your bathroom tiles clean to prevent any mold growth. You should also clean up the carpet if ever it gets wet from flooding. You can also add mold inhibitors to your wall paint before applying it.

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