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Building Blunders: Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Planning a Lobby

In many commercial buildings, especially hotels and office spaces, the lobby is a given. It is necessary for maintaining security by regulating the flow of visitors and guests. It is also where the said people can avail of information and certain services, as well as where they can wait for and meet with others.

Also, being one of the first areas that people see in the interior of such buildings, it also serves as a reflection of what the rest of the structure is. That is why it is important for owners to design them well. Avoid these mistakes in designing your lobby.

Having Bad or Non-Existent Feature Installations

Have you ever gone inside a certain building and thought, “This is so tacky?”  Unfortunately, some building owners commit the mistake of putting in bad décor or non-existent ones. There are many ways to do it, too.

These include choosing designs and pieces that do not match the rest of the theme and selecting a bad colour scheme. For example, if you have to put in the stairs in the lobby that lead towards the next floor, then you can put in feature staircases that match the other pieces that you have.

Putting the Front Desk in an Obscure Place

The front desk is called such for a reason. If it is not easily visible and in the front where the guests will be coming in, then why call it that name? Some building owners, in their desire to create an unusual and memorable experience, try too hard to experiment with the layout of the place.

The same sin is committed when it comes to some pathways when clear signs should be available so that people will not get lost.

Not Providing Places to Sit In

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Part of the purpose of a lobby is for people to relax and wait for certain events and people in. However, many building owners forget to put in spots for individuals and groups to sit down on. This makes the place a lot less inviting and can hurt your business quite a bit.

Putting in the necessary furniture does not take much when it comes to money and time, so if you can afford it, get yourself some.

Using the Wrong Kind of Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of the whole experience of being in a lobby. You might think that it is already common sense by now, but you have to realise that a number of building owners fail in this aspect. Some of them make it too dim, without a way for natural light to come in and add to it.

Others make it too bright, making the experience jarring rather than relaxing. It will help if you put in two separate sets of lighting for different times of the day.

The lobby is a vital part of your whole building’s interior. Without it, people can get lost, and the place can seem uninviting. When visitors and guests do not show up, there will be no business for the whole building. For these reasons, you would want to create one and design it in the best way possible.

After all, having a poorly thought out interior can be just as bad, if not worse, than not setting one up. Avoid the mistakes mentioned here and be sure to call on the professionals if you need help when it comes to anything.

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