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Alternative Income Sources for Cleaning Services

There are times when even the best businesses can hit a rut and be unable to move forward. When that happens, it’s hard to find inspiration to think about where you can get the money for your daily operations. However, any good entrepreneur knows that to have cash fluidity and the freedom to explore opportunities, you’ll have other income streams.

A home cleaning service can thrive despite economic dives because there will always be houses to clean. But it’s not a bad idea to consider other income opportunities that you can juggle at the same time as your cleaning services.

For instance, you can start a household cleaning supplies business or expand to accommodate commercial spaces. You can even invest in pressure washing equipment and take jobs specific to that. There’s an array of business ideas that you can take upon, and here’s how you can begin in the three given paths:

Start a Cleaning Supplies Business

When there’s a downtime in people seeking your cleaning services, you can use that as an opportunity to learn about how to make your own cleaning products. This can range from laundry detergents, handwashing soaps, or household cleaners that you can sell to your new and old clients. Once you develop a good recipe, you can also use those products when you clean houses.

If you have the money, you can even invest in liquid-dispensing equipment to make your job easier. This will allow you to save on time and manpower when bottling your cleaning products before being sold. Start locally by selling to your neighbors and community and then grow until you can sell your products online and in other locations.

Having your own brand of cleaning products can be a good way to market your home cleaning service because it shows that you are committed to delivering quality cleaning. This side business can also reach those people that cannot afford to have their homes cleaned but are inclined to clean their own homes.

Expand Your Services to Commercial Establishments

You can also opt to expand your residential cleaning services to commercial spaces. It’s a great way to get new clients when the demand for house cleaning slows down. Plus, commercial establishments and other small businesses may generate more income for you in the long run.

The only difference is that cleaning commercial spaces will require more human resources because the areas to clean are bigger. In that case, you can either hire part-time or per-project employees that you’ll only require on days when you have a commercial project. That will cost you less money than hiring permanent ones, especially if you’re starting in this field.

Commercial cleaning services can cater to offices, schools, restaurants, or other establishments, which means you’ll have a bigger market to offer your services to. This can be a good business opportunity for you if you want a wider audience and increased rates.

Offer Pressure or Power Washing Services

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The main difference between a pressure and a power washer is that the latter has an added heat element before blasting pressurized water through the hose. You can also invest in pressure or power washing equipment that may be expensive at first but can be a worthwhile investment after a few jobs. The task of pressure or power washing alone can be income-generating, especially if all you need is one person and the right equipment.

Having a pressure or power washing side business along with your home cleaning service is a great way to build a client-base because you’ll be opening yourself to other opportunities. For instance, those who don’t want to get their houses cleaned can be inclined to have their driveways or patios cleaned with pressure or a power washer.

The best thing about having pressure or power washing equipment is that you can clean hard exterior surfaces without much effort, unlike using a scrub brush and soap. You can clean anything from swimming pools to sidewalks with just pressure or a power washer, so consider investing in them too.

Many business ideas revolve around the general practice of cleaning, and some are more specialized to certain niches. If you want a way to keep several income streams open, you can do all these or more.

You have to find the perfect balance and learn how to juggle all these with your main business so that you won’t take more than you can handle. Once you begin other business ventures, it will be easy to overwhelm yourself. Make sure that you have the strength and determination of a true entrepreneur before you take on this challenge.

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