Simple Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. It is the center of your everyday living. It is where meals are prepared, cooked, and served. Hence, it is essential to keep your kitchen clean. Cleaning your kitchen won’t take time if you do it regularly. Here are some tips on how to keep your kitchen clean:

Categorize your things.

Categorize kitchen items and arrange them accordingly. Put your knives and chopping boards next to each other. Arrange your pans and pots in the same cabinet. Place all spices and condiments within reach. Organizing similar things will make it easier to find them and place them back when you’re done.

Choose the best workspace.

Your countertop is an ideal space to prepare your food. For easy washing, you can cut meat and vegetables next to the sink. Choose the best spot in your kitchen where you can work with ease and less mess.

Wipe spills right away.

Spills are inevitable in the kitchen, no matter how careful you are. They are sticky and messy, so don’t let them sit even for a few minutes. Clean them up right away before they get hard and stink, making the job messier and tougher.

Clean as you go.

Clear and wipe the countertop when you’re done cutting or slicing. Put the fruit and vegetable peelings in the bin. Likewise, put back the bottles of spices and condiments in their specific racks.  Wash the dishes and utensils that you’re done with. Don’t forget to mop the kitchen floor before you leave. If you do all of these things regularly, you can keep your kitchen clean and fresh all the time.

Use fewer utensils and dishes.

Use the same knife to cut several kinds of vegetables. When possible, place all the veggies in the same bowl then wash them together later. When cutting meat, you can use the same chopping board that you used for slicing the vegetables. Just make sure to rinse or wash the knife and board before using them again. Fewer utensils and dishes means less mess and stuff to clean.

Prepare well.

for marinating

Marinate the meat overnight for less cooking time the next day. Before leaving for work, fix a part of your meal like slicing the vegetables or meat. This way, you’ll have fewer tasks to do when you get back from work and cook your meal. Fewer jobs to do will leave your kitchen less messy.

Practice multi-tasking.

Cut the vegetables while boiling water. Prepare sandwiches or packed lunch while simmering. You can also start cleaning up by washing some of the dishes or throwing the garbage while waiting for the meat to be tender. Keep yourself busy while in the kitchen. Clean your kitchen as you cook so that when you’re done cooking, you’re also done cleaning up — no messy spills, piles of dirty dishes, and overflowing trash to worry about.

Keeping your kitchen clean helps maintain your kitchen’s functionality. However, there are cleaning procedures that you should leave to the experts. If you need professional help, many people offer professional home and office cleaning services in LA. Feel free to contact them for assistance.

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