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3 Practical Furniture That Double as an Art Piece

Interesting fact: Investment furniture pieces never go out of style, especially the ones that double as art pieces. If you’re looking for interesting furniture art that will match your unique interior styling, here are some investment pieces to look out for:


Tables and desks are the central components of a workspace. Though it must be functional, first and foremost, it wouldn’t hurt for it to look stylish, too. If you’re after something that has a unique and fun silhouette, you can never go wrong with an aviator wing desk — it’s got form, function, and flair. It’s everything that you want as the main furniture in your workspace.

The top of the desk comes in a finish that is either smooth or riveted, which makes it look ultra modern with a splash of retro at the same time. Should you go for the riveted design, installing a floating glass top is the best way to get a flat tabletop surface while still keeping the riveting detail visible. This makes the table a certified functional piece of furniture art. Its non-traditional shape and unusual material make it a real must-have if you want to infuse a bit of fun in an otherwise utilitarian space.

Side Stools

Another way to spruce up an office space is by decorating it with side stools. These come in ceramic, textile, and natural materials. The industrial design of these small furniture pieces easily blends well with any type of interior styling. These are extremely versatile as they are useful as much as they are decorative. It can go from being an extra seat to an end table, or even a plant stand.

Some even come with storage, making it the most practical furniture investment that can instantly elevate the look of your workspace. If you want to highlight a corner area but would like to keep it minimal and uncluttered, combine side stools in different heights and geometric designs. These pieces pack a lot of punch and can liven up a dull corner space and make it look more interesting, too.


Teal wood drawer

Bring more of that old world charm into your space with some beautiful drawers. While shelves can make corners and wall spaces look more attractive, you will need a form of storage that conceals the clutter to keep a more put together and clean look effectively.

Drawers work great because it allows for easier filing and sorting, especially the small pull out drawers. While the main purpose of this storage unit is to store documents, electronics, and even your personal work items, going for one that brings a little pop of color or one that serves as a corner space décor is your best bet for a stand out piece. Some of the fun styles include bright colored vintage design filing drawers that will suit even those with minimalist and industrial tastes in design and style.

While office space designs must maintain an overall professional look, adding a few pieces of furniture that serve as art and a central feature at the same time is a refreshing and practical way to liven up the space without making huge changes that can be costly and time-consuming. If you’re redecorating your office soon, consider using these investment pieces that are equally decorative and functional, and never go out of style.


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