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Working from Home: Why Not an Outdoor Workspace?

Outdoor workspaces are becoming popular to many home-based workers in the past few years. More than ten percent of Australians spend at least 80 percent of their working time on a remote location. If you plan to join this growing number, here are five tips that you can do to build an outdoor workspace in your yard.

Creative Use of a Carport

Carports mainly protect cars from the sun or the rain, but it can also be repurposed into an outdoor workspace. You can do a range of activities in this area, from your office work to other creative hobbies that you have. For those who want to have an outdoor workspace in their homes in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, your home carport can provide you with an interior/exterior atmosphere.

Choose Furniture That Would Fit with the Outdoors

Furniture plays a huge role in the overall productivity and comfort you want to have in your outdoor workspace. Choose furniture that you can use for the outdoors as these are usually designed to withstand extreme weather and temperature. Materials such as wood, bamboo, and steel could withstand the elements, and are durable in any climate. Just make sure that the furniture that you will choose will fit the aesthetic that you are going for so that it will not be out of place. Comfort should be something that you should consider as it can also affect your work.

Bring a Bluetooth Speaker

Just like any office space or work station, ambience can make or break your concentration and focus on your tasks. A Bluetooth speaker in your outdoor office space can provide you with the kind of music that encourages concentration. This is especially going to be helpful when you take short breaks, and you want some reprieve from the stress. You can add some soft lighting so you can work even late into the night.

Put Greenery Around the Area

Lavender flowers

Plants can help you keep your concentration. English Gardens says that there are reliable studies that support the notion that plants reduce stress and boosts mood as much as 15 percent. Plants lie aloe vera and lavender also promote relaxation and calm, so you could use them too. Even succulents or small flowers could already improve your work a lot. Plus, these plants also help make your office area a bit cooler as they exhale oxygen.

Add Shading

If you have tried working outside, you would realise how distracting the sun’s glare can be on your work. You could put some umbrellas on the side so the glare will not bother you much. You could also put a tarp or shade on one side of the carport so you will be protected from the hot air.

You can build the perfect home office space even if you don’t have space in your house. Outdoor workspaces will enable you to continue some of your work even at home. You will find that you will be as productive working at your home as you will be in the office.

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