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Worth It: Practical Ways of Managing Your Boutique Hotel

There’s something about boutique hotels that large hotel chains cannot fulfill in terms of overall customer experience. It could be the intimacy of the small space, the hip vibe, the picturesque design, or a combination of all these. Even with this newfound attention on boutique hotels, the hotel business remains to be a highly competitive field.

Now that travelers have their eyes on boutique hotels, it’s only right as business owners to maintain your excellent service by also finding the best suppliers in the market, without breaking the bank. From choosing the best supplier of chemicals used for commercial cleaning to opting for an online developer who can create a user-friendly booking engine, you can achieve good financial results through smart business choices.

<>Here is a cost-effective guide on how you can attract the market further while retaining the loyalty of your previous customers:

  1. Get your produce straight from the farmers.

Go straight to the source. Not only will you be supporting the small-time farmers against large agribusinesses, but they will also be paid fairly without third-party intervention. This also means that you will be getting the freshest produce, especially if you offer a partnership with them. Rest assured that your food offerings will be made from ingredients that did not sit in storage for days, nor were they gassed to stimulate ripening.

Another advantage is that you can offer seasonal dishes based on the cycle of nature from where your hotel is. You’ll have a better connection with the place you’re in, and having that reflected in your dishes, your customers will surely feel the connection, too. 

A good price for better quality. Food matters in the hospitality industry.

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  1. Order maintenance supplies from wholesale providers.

Customers prefer boutique hotels over hotel chains for the distinct and artfully-curated experience. This does not necessarily mean having a lesser quality of service from five-star hotels. Customers notice the level of quality from small things such as the softness of the bed linen, the thickness of the towels, the effectiveness of toiletries.

Don’t skimp on finding suppliers with high-grade products at a fair price. Also, consider the convenience and seamlessness of purchasing from them, so you can focus your attention on management. Low-quality products can make them feel like they are not getting their money’s worth. The goal is to have repeat customers and attract new ones. Take care of your customers, and words will surely spread out.

  1. Maximize your online presence including a user-friendly booking engine.

Many hotel owners tend to overlook this aspect: Your brand of service starts upon the customers’ booking experience. What they see online is part of your hotel’s branding.  If your online booking engine is convenient to use, they will associate such service from the other services that your hotel offers. If their expectations are met early on, they will not think twice about clicking that book button. 

  1. Invest in people.

Along with your hotel’s bespoke amenities, your staff takes the center stage in providing personalized services. To provide an unforgettable service and experience to your customers, you should have a well-trained staff whose passion coincides with your hotel’s vision. Invest in people who have the skills and the initiative to learn. 

Think long term. Taking care of your employees costs less than continuously training new ones. 

When you have a hotel for your business, constant improvement is a must. Investing in the right things will pave the way to a better income.

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