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What Every Truck Driver Needs to Know: A New Truck Driver’s Guide

Truck drivers live in a constantly changing industry. In this fast-paced world, it can be a surprising fact that not everyone in the trucking industry enjoys the technological advancements most drivers have. Don’t forget about their wage issues as well as work-related injuries they can face while driving.

If you have any plans to start trucking driving as a career, then it pays to know some facts to get yourself ready as part of your career change. The following are what every truck driver needs to know before making the shift:

You have rights that protect you in case you get injured while on duty

Your company should have the right insurance coverage to protect you in case of any work-related injury. If in case you get into an accident while working, you deserve to be adequately compensata ed by your company. There are Washington truck labor lawyers who are ready to fight for your rights. With a legal representative, you can get the compensation you deserve.

There are three ways truck drivers receive compensation

Many of us who work on a 9-5 basis get paid by the hour. This means that your company compensates you for the total number of hours worked each week. The same goes for some truck drivers. Most truck drivers get paid by the hour if they work for business chains or even retail shops. Your pay will increase as you gain more experience.

Some get paid per mile. The salary you get at the end of the week or two depends on the mileage you have consumed. Your company will usually use the odometer to check the actual distance you’ve driven. They will also compare this with the data gathered on the logging device.

There are also trucking companies that offer to pay their truck drivers per diem. Technically, the term “diem” means “day” in Latin. When you translate it literally, this is an allowance given to truck drivers per day for their meals and incidental expense. In a nutshell, the “per diem” is an untaxed reimbursement.

Truck drivers are entitled to a 10-minute break

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In Washington, you have the right to take a 10-minute break for every four hours you spend working and driving. This is a paid rest period that your company needs to give to you. This means that your company doesn’t have the right to restrict you from taking your break after driving for more than four hours.

Truck drivers need to overcome fatigue and maintain their health

Driving long hours may mean a bigger paycheck for most truck drivers. Staying up late and driving for an extensive period of time can take a toll on your body, especially if you need to stay up late. You can end up in an accident or even get sick. The best way to do this is to keep yourself active and healthy. Stick to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Keep yourself hydrated and get enough sleep.

This list only goes to show the kind of world you are about to experience once you start your career as a truck driver. There are reports of a truck driver shortage, which could be the reason you have chosen this career as your new one. No matter your reason for being a truck driver, this list can serve as your guide.

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