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What are the Things to Avoid when Using Your Dryer?

Some people misuse their dryer and wonder why it doesn’t work. To relieve you from stress, find the best dryer repair services in Salt Lake City Professional technicians will get your dryer running properly again.

Learn the common dryer errors most people are doing.

Putting So Much Load

Most of the time, people are tempted to push just a few more clothes into the dryer. When your dryer is overloaded, you are wasting energy. Also, the whole process will consume more energy to dry your clothes.

Your pants, shirts, dress, and other types of laundry tumble inside the drum. If the space is crowded, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll have more wrinkles in your clothes.

Prolonged Drying Time

Thinking of the worst-case scenario, when you put too much in the drum, the dryer won’t work effectively. The prolonged drying process stresses the system, leading to overheat and burn out. The room is crammed that’s why there’s no good air circulation. The end result, you’ll have higher energy bills.

So, how can you go about this? When you fill the dryer drum, refrain from occupying the most part of the drum. The recommended load should not be more than half full.

Using Dryer Sheet and Fabric Softener at the Same Time

woman doing laundryPeople use fabric conditioner to make their garments smell good and slippery to reduce friction. But do you know that this substance can leave residue in your machine which makes it unhealthy? The next time you dry your clothes, you’ll notice that your clothes get some fabric softener residue even if you haven’t applied any.

Other products that people use to soften their garments are dryer sheets. These are woven pieces of fibers glazed with stearic acid, scents and a mix of different substances. The product helps the household to reduce static.

The fatty acid of this material melts when exposed to heat, coating your clothes. The science behind fabric conditioners and dryer sheets are quite notable. Unfortunately, the melted substance penetrates the dryer’s vent system as well. Both fabric conditioners and dryer sheets can block your dryer’s filter, leading to a decrease in the performance of the machine. There are times that you’ll notice that the cover is hard to remove because substances have adhered to it.

If you neglect regular maintenance of the vent system, damage to your dryer can happen sooner. Others use conditioner and dryer sheet at the same time, and doing this can have a significant adverse impact on your machine. Use the right amount of fabric softener by following the instruction on the label to prolong the life of your machine. But if you want to be on a safe side, refrain from using conditioning products at all.

Considering the information above will help you avoid having higher energy bills. You can also ensure that your dryer will have a longer service life. End your misery with a malfunctioning dryer; repair professionals are readily available to provide you with excellent service, so you can gain peace of mind.

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