Underrated Australian Cities Near Melbourne for Families to Live In

Australia is home to pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, and abundant wildlife. It also boasts of some incredible cities that are excellent locations to raise a family. You might know Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, but there’s more to Australia’s sprawling municipalities than that. If you’re seeking a new place to settle down in, whether you’re already living in Australia or planning to move there, here are some of the most underrated liveable cities you can consider raising your family in.


Geelong is a city located about 75km south-west from Melbourne. If you’re on a tight budget yet still want to get the most out of your location, this is the place for you. The median house price in this city is around $450,000, which gives you not just a house but also a spacious backyard in the suburbs. If you want to build your residence from the ground up, there’s plenty of affordable yet premium plots of land for sale in Geelong for you to develop into the home of your dreams. There’s very little traffic around this area, and you won’t have trouble accessing a beach, town centre, child care centre, or school, which makes it a great option if you have kids.

Albert Park

Albert Park is found just three kilometers south of Melbourne. It only takes 24 minutes to commute to the city centre by public transport and 17 minutes to drive there by car. The area is known for its beautiful Victorian-era architecture as well as its historically significant St. Vincent Place Precinct, a premiere square development located in Victoria which is based on models of London. St. Vincent Place Precinct also features gorgeous Victorian terraces from the 1860s and 1870s as well as a surrounding shared park perfect for relaxing in.



Warrnambool is a vibrant and dynamic regional city located in the Great Ocean Road. It’s the ideal location for outdoorsy families looking to be surrounded by breathtaking ocean views and lush rural landscapes. The city also offers easily accessible health services, education, cultural activities, and employment opportunities. There’s a bit of something for every family in this lively city. The average listing price for a house in this regional city goes for $329,000.

St. Kilda West

St. Kilda West is a premium lifestyle suburb just 29 minutes away from Melbourne by public transport or 18 minutes by car. This lively area is only a short walking distance away from the beach, as well as to parks, schools, and public transportation options. It’s also flanked by sprawling parks that are ideal for families with children, such as Middle Park, St. Kilda Park, and Albert Park Lake. Houses are a little more pricey in St. Kilda West at an average cost of $2,177,500, but you could always opt for a more affordable apartment with a median price of $575,000 if you’re a smaller family.


Windsor is an inner suburb located about five kilometers south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. It takes a quick 28-minutes to commute to the city centre by public transport and a 17-minute drive away by car. This area is a lively suburb with plenty of restaurant options, bars, and shopping boutiques located at Cosmopolitan Chapel Street in the centre of the suburb. There are also plenty of schools and parks within reach. The average house goes for $1,388,000, while an apartment unit could set you back $550,000.

Explore the rest of what Australia has to offer you and your family beyond Melbourne. You’ll never know what you might find.

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