The Most Significant Home Design Trends of 2021

The quarantine lifestyle and shelter-in-place orders will surely influence how homeowners design their interiors this year. Here are some home design and decor trends that will dominate in 2021 and how to achieve them in your own space.


Also known as “grandma chic,” this trend is all about cozy pieces that evoke warmth, elegant and pretty florals, and vintage-inspired pieces. One way to incorporate this trend is by using pieces that are reminiscent of your grandma’s home but are given a modern twist or update.


Arguably the biggest lifestyle and pop culture trend of 2020 due to the quarantine, the cottagecore trend is marked by warmth, comfort, whimsy, and quintessential English pieces. Closely related to the grandmillennial trend with a few differences, the cottagecore aesthetic is all about communing with nature and making use of dainty and feminine details, with a side of being “distressed.”

Zen garden

Since many people will need an escape from work even within the homes, Zen-inspired pieces and design elements will be all the rage, whether it’s in one’s backyard or their balcony. From rock gardens to water fountains, these spots will be a much-coveted place for people who work from home to get away from their responsibilities, even for a few minutes.

Multi-functional rooms and spaces

Speaking of remote working, homeowners have had to make room for working spaces in their homes. People with kids have had to create makeshift homework stations for remote learning. In 2021, this trend will continue to rise, especially for people who only have smaller spaces to spare. There will be many creative storage and solutions to turn living rooms, dining rooms, and dens into workspaces or home offices.

Classic exteriors

While homeowners want a trendy curb appearance, it’s also important to make sure that their chosen design doesn’t fall out of style in the next few years. This requires a delicate balance, but with the right shapes, colors, exterior house paint, and help from an experienced contractor who knows what they’re doing, a timelessly trendy exterior design can be achieved.\

Rattan furnishings

Rattan and wicker have long been material favorites for homeowners who love outdoor living. 2021 will see a rise in woven items and pieces to provide a tropical and light feel to indoor spaces. Since natural light is always on-trend, rattan furnishings will be a good complement to open windows and light fixtures. A handmade woven headboard can also provide a beach-feel to any bedroom, especially when partnered with natural fabrics and knit blankets in warm tones. Handcrafted baskets and other storage boxes will also gain popularity.

Pops of color

Adding pops of color to an otherwise neutral room has been a trend for a few years now, but it will continue to be on-trend as homeowners straddle the line between maximalist and minimalist aesthetics. It’s an excellent choice for home designers who don’t want to commit to one specific aesthetic. Incorporate a bright red couch against a cream or white-painted wall and let it be the centerpiece of your living room.

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Peel-and-stick wallpaper

This material will be key to achieving the grandmillennial or cottagecore look, especially since peel-and-stick wallpapers come with different designs and patterns. Simultaneously, self-adhesive wallpaper is incredibly convenient since homeowners can DIY it, and it’s a low-commitment and low-maintenance way of updating the look of a room.

Rustic kitchen

Smooth ceramics are out; rustic kitchens are in! Following the cottagecore and grandmillennial trends, a more “distressed” look to kitchens will certainly be back in style to accommodate the romanticized rural agriculture life that millennials and Generation Z are currently fond of. Gone are the days of incredibly smooth tiles, marble, and porcelain, and it’s time for more wooden kitchen isles and tables with unfinished paint as a design choice.

Natural fabrics

Recycled and natural textiles will take center stage as more consumers understand the need to take care of the earth’s natural resources. Ethical consumption will be a massive trend for 2021, and it will also apply in homeownership as homeowners will opt for more natural fabrics and sustainable materials in general. Recycled polyester, organic cotton, and low-impact linen will see a rise in popularity in 2021.

From Home to Haven

2021 home design trends can be summarized in these ways: Multi-purpose spaces, intimacy, and warmth. It will be all about making homes even homier, bringing nature into our indoor spaces, and caring for the environment while building our dream interiors. Since the lockdowns make people stay home than ever before, 2021 home design trends will be all about turning homes into a haven.

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