The Four Ds of Mutual Cohabitation

In most relationships, there comes a time when both parties consider living together. Mutual cohabitation is regarded in a more positive light these days, as more couples think of it as a trial to further deepen their relationships.

It may also become a gateway to later looking into apartments for sale in Monaco and purchasing one both parties can agree on. But before that can even be mulled over, the couple has to survive moving into one person’s apartment or choosing to rent a new one together first.

If you’re at this stage of the relationship, here are the four Ds that will hopefully make the experience greater.

Decide What to Keep

You’ve probably accumulated a few belongings on your own. Choosing to live together with your partner means having a shared space and double the common items. To make the move more seamless and your new home less cluttered, it’s important for the two of you to make an inventory of your individual belongings.

This list will allow you and your partner to see what you two will need for your new home. You can also decide which items you’ll wish to donate and which ones to get rid of.

Discuss the Bills

There’s no reason for you and your partner not to openly discuss money, especially since you’re going to pool your resources to maintain your shared home. Not being open about money will only hurt your relationship in the long run.

On another note, living together doesn’t require you to merge your earnings. But it does imply that you have to reach an agreement when it comes to expenses.

Divide the Chores

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A messy home isn’t a pleasant place to live in. Maintenance and upkeep of your space now lie on two pairs of hands, both of which should share equal obligations to the household.

One way to properly divvy up chores is by using a chore wheel. This is a three-layer wheel that has your name and your partner’s on one layer, daily chores on another, and weekly chores on the last later.

It’s good to follow your set chores to keep your home clean. While you and your partner can be busy at times, you should be diligent enough to fulfil your responsibilities at home unless you want a dirty space and an upset partner.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Alone Time

Living in each other’s pockets may sound appealing at first, but it might start to grate on nerves as time goes on. This is particularly true for people who have gotten used to living alone for quite some time.

Never shy away from the opportunity to have some time alone. It’s likely that your partner may feel the same, too. Needing to get away doesn’t mean that your love is diminishing. Instead, it’s a way to cool off and retain a clear mind to prevent any instances where you might snap at each other.

Moving in together is an opportunity to see your love in a whole new light. It also means having to tackle a whole new set of challenges that may only be solved with shared efforts. Taking note of these four Ds may not make the experience perfect, but it will surely lead to less trouble.

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