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Strategies for Improving the Fuel Efficacy of Your Construction’s Equipment

Most people investing in the construction sector know that to reap the highest returns, they should minimize their expenses. As such, they will invest in the best heavy machinery for their companies to cut their labor costs and hasten the completion of their projects. Most will, however, opt for the cheapest machines available and sit back waiting to actualize profits. This alternative, unfortunately, only comes with considerable repair costs in the future and thus only causes you losses.

When considering a Volvo articulated hauler among other heavy machinery, the price should not only be the determinant of your choice. You should pick machines from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that the parts used are of the highest quality and will not break down every time.

Even with the best heavy machinery, however, some contractors barely make as much profit as they envisioned. The leading cause of their losses lies in the fuel consumption of their machines. Here are tips to boost the fuel efficacy of your construction machinery:

Limit the Machines’ Idle Times before Shutdown and Startup

Any equipment left running when idle is wasting fuel. In the past, starting a heavy machine’s engine or shutting it required some idle time. Nowadays, there are new engines that will not need this. You can start and shut down your equipment immediately with minimal fuel waste.

Maintain the Right Tire Pressures

Tires will carry approximately 6% of your heavy machine’s load. This means the air in your tires matters since it supports 94% of the machine’s weight. Ensure you maintain the right tire pressure throughout for them to support your machines adequately. This way, your machines will not place too pressure on tires without the correct pressure that would, in turn, cause fuel wastage for your heavy equipment.

Reduce Your Driving Speeds

While most construction sites in the past had minimal unoccupied space, construction projects today occupy broad areas. It is now common to get considerable space in your construction site. When working in these areas, keep your driving speeds to a minimum. This will not only lower your machine’s fuel consumption, but also reduce the carbon emissions to the environment from your construction.

Use Trained Operators

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It might seem excessive and unnecessary to hire trained machine operators for your construction, yet most machines nowadays are easy to handle. Operators with minimal understanding of a machine’s operation will, however, handle it haphazardly, increase its fuel consumption and sometimes damage it. Trained operators might be expensive to hire, but they understand the strategies of reducing your machine’s fuel consumption while ensuring its smooth operation. They will prove cheaper in the long term compared to untrained ones.

Buying the right construction machine for your company will only impact your bottom line when coupled with the above fuel efficiency strategies. You should also invest in the latest construction equipment technologies for your company. This is because manufacturers are periodically producing the most fuel-efficient machines. If you get stuck with heavy machinery featuring old technologies, you will not benefit from the many innovations available for increasing the fuel economy of construction machines.

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