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Spring: The Best Season for Professional Weed Control

Are wild violets, dandelions, ground ivy, and clover driving your gardener nuts? Perennial plants with taproot that holds the soil will have all the nutrients they need to store energy and keep growing. If you’re willing to invest in effective commercial property lawn care, there are a few things you can discuss with weed control experts.

Identifying Weeds

Any plant growing on your lawn without your permission is a weed. They are unwanted, and they encroach on the territory of the plants you’re rearing. There are three categories of plants considered to be weeds: broadleaf, grassy, and grass-like weeds. The best examples of broadleaf weeds are dandelions, ground ivies, and clovers. Grassy weeds include foxtail and crabgrass. They are more difficult to distinguish from the green turf you intend to keep in good health. Grass-like weeds include wild onion and wild garlic. They can be distinguished from grass by the trained eyes of a lawn care expert.

Focusing on Prevention

Gardener putting fertilizer on soilA good defense might make a difference in your battle against the weeds in your yard. Summer is coming, and while spring is here, you have to find the weeds at their most vulnerable to nip the problem at the bud, literally. Preventing weeds from growing in the first place is the most effective strategy to use. Applying commercially available weed-killers may or may not do the trick, but a preventive approach offers a more permanent solution.

How can you prevent weeds from germinating, rising to the surface, and dominating the landscape? First, care for the plants you care about adequately. Feeding your grass with the right kind of fertilizer fortifies them and allows them to grow. If the lawn is bountiful and healthy, there will be no space for unwanted plants. By allowing the plants to grow stout and strong, their roots extending deep into the ground can stand against the invaders.

Also, when water, sunlight, and nutrients are unavailable to unwanted plants, there will be no chance for them to see the light of day. Experts believe that mowing higher and watering deeply and less frequently are friendly to plants and devastating to weeds.

Hiring Professionals to Solve the Issue

Have you tried herbicides on the lawn? If you have, then you may have noted that after a while, the grassy and grass-like weeds return with a vengeance. Moreover, the last few herbicide brands you have used seem to have no effect at all on the dandelions near the fence. Lawn care experts are capable of removing your weed problem even those near the fence because they do not see what’s on the surface. They assess the problem and determine the root cause. You can also ask them questions about proper maintenance. Knowing the source of the issue allows for effective and timely management.

Before summer comes, do the right amount of preparations. Make the most of the spring season and implement appropriate measures for effective weed control. Preventive measures and the trained eye of lawn care professionals are your best allies.

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