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Selling Your House: Should You Improve Its Curb Appeal?

The housing market in the US is currently experiencing record low inventory with incredibly high demand. That is why house prices are skyrocketing. According to the latest report of the National Association of Realtors, house prices are up 15.8 percent on average year-over-year nationwide.

While the country’s housing market is bad news for home buyers, this allows sellers to put their homes on sale. With strong demand and low supply, houses don’t stay in the market for a long time. If you’ve been planning to sell your home, this might be the perfect time to put it on the market.

Make sure to the most of your home’s value by preparing it before selling it. Doing some maintenance work and home improvements can increase the value of your property. Improving your home’s curb appeal, for example, can help create a positive first impression to potential buyers.

Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

When it comes to home buying, first impressions are vital. And the first thing potential buyers see when they visit your home is the lawn. This can give them an idea of how the home has been cared for.

Many invest in a lawn service franchise to help more homeowners maintain their landscape and make it more appealing. A well-landscaped home not only has a higher chance of getting bought, but it can also have a greater value than houses with no landscaping. Data show 75 percent of top real estate agents in the country say homes with proper landscaping are worth one percent to 10 percent more than those with no landscaping.

Additionally, buyers are likely to attach five to 12 percent more value to your home if you pay more attention to the landscaping. It varies depending on where you live. Seventeen percent of real estate agents also revealed recent landscape maintenance had led to a sale.

Before putting your home on the market, it’s best to complete a maintenance program. This will help attract more potential buyers.

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There are several ways to improve your lawn and make it more attractive. Some landscaping tasks require help from professionals, while others you can do on your own.

Here are landscaping projects to improve your home’s curb appeal.

1. Keep walkways, sidewalks, and hardscape clean


One of the easiest things you can do to make your front yard appealing is to keep it clean. Using pressure water helps remove dirt and grime from concrete areas like your driveway and walkways. It will give them a fresh new look. The paver stones and stepping stones should also be in place and create safe footing for anyone walking to and from your house.

2. Install outdoor lighting

Adding new light fixtures outside can give your home an updated look. Make sure the lights are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. You can add accent lighting to trees or your house. Light fixtures can also illuminate walkways. They can make your home safe and secure. Use different lighting types and fixtures to create interesting landscape lighting.

3. Give your front door a makeover

The front door of your home is the focal point of your property’s curb appeal. Give it a fresh coat of color to make a statement. You can also install a custom wood door to give it a new look. Cleaning the knob and polishing the door fixtures will also make a huge difference.

While you’re working on your front door, try to create symmetry in this area. Symmetrical composition looks pleasing to the eyes, making it more welcoming. Be mindful when placing light fixtures and other front-door accents. Make sure to create a balanced arrangement.

4. Get your planter beds into shape

The state of your garden also contributes to creating a positive first impression. Make sure to prune growth, plant flowers, and pull weeds. A well-maintained garden makes a yard attractive and stand out.

Adding new mulch helps restore color that sunlight and harsh weather have taken away. Make sure to clean and reset any stone or bricks that border your bed. Consider changing old borders to a decorative edging system to enhance curb appeal.

If you have the time, creating a new planting bed is also a smart move. It can add contrast and color to your home’s exterior. Focus on the front corners of the yard, along walkways, and right in front of the house.

5. Update old hardware

When improving your home’s curb appeal, small details matter. Replacing old hardware, such as house number, mailbox, and entry door lock set, can add style to your home’s exterior. These pieces should also match the style of your home to create a harmonious design.

If you’re planning to sell your home soon and want to upgrade your landscape first, take time to walk around your yard. Take of the things that need improvement. If you’re the buyer, look for things that would turn you off and improve them.

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