Should You Buy a House with a Large Lot?

New homebuyers show a marked preference for the various house and land packages in Townsville. These savvy homeowners realize the value of having some unbuilt spaces around their homes. A house with a large lot is always desirable even when the zoning laws don’t allow you to put up another home. Here are some creative ways to use the extra space in your compound:

Try gardening

Garden with flowers

You’ve probably heard that spending at least 20 minutes in a park or nature reserve is great for your health. The experience improves your health. It lowers your blood pressure, stress level, as well as your heart rate.

If you can get all these benefits and more in 20 minutes, why stop there? If you have adequate space, you can create a small garden on your lot and enjoy these benefits every day. Alternatively, you can create a lush lawn on your front yard and enjoy the greenery all year round.

You have the choice of establishing a low-maintenance lawn or a garden filled with drought-resistant plants. Such gardens require minimal input from you once they are up and running and won’t cost you a fortune. Alternatively, you can create a small kitchen garden and enjoy fresh veggies.

Create a custom playhouse

Small kids are balls of energy, and you will find them running all over the house, creating a huge mess whenever they go. If you have space, you can get them out of the house for a little peace without putting them in danger. If you’re handy with tools, you can create a small custom playhouse in your backyard or have someone build it.

In addition to providing your kids with a safe play environment, such a structure is a welcome addition to your property. It makes it more appealing, and depending on the complexity and size, a playhouse can increase the value of your home. Your kids will love you for it and will forever be grateful for the gesture. Just be sure not to mention that you did it to reduce the chaos around the house.

Create a home office

If you plan to start a business but are keen to save on the overheads, you can put up a small home office on your property. You can have a small office if you have a low budget or go full out if you have deep pockets. A home office makes the perfect choice if you have kids running around the house.

Home office

You have the option of building one from scratch or buy one that’s already made and customize it to your liking. As with any additional structure on the property, a home office can boost the value of your property.

If it comes down to buying a home with a large lot and one with a small lot, go for the former. You can’t go wrong with having extra space. It gives you the leeway to customize the area to suit your needs and improve the quality of your life. 

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