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Saving the Environment, One Step at a Time

If you’ve noticed a change in weather recently, such as the increase in extreme storms, severe dry weather, floods, droughts, and landslides, these are all due to the impact of climate change not just in the United States, but on a global scale. Climate change is an obstacle that destroys environmental sustainability and limits our resources. Rising sea levels will lead to uninhabitable areas and natural disasters triggered by climate change result in the destruction of property, which in turn affects energy and supplies.

The threat of climate change brought the world to the Paris Agreement, in hopes of alleviating global warming. Changes are done to combat climate change include change mitigation (reducing greenhouse emissions through energy, transport, and renewable sources), decarbonization, and digitalization. In initiating these projects, it is clear that carbon dioxide emission is the planet’s worst enemy and these emissions are released from coal, oil, and fossil fuels for energy, energy that powers our houses, cars, smartphones and other sources.

Your Role

With the global stage gearing up for the battle against climate change and global warming, it is also up to us in doing our part for the environment in ensuring a world free from pollution in the coming generations by decreasing the use of carbon emissions. Even as a global concern, change begins at home.

Renewable and Efficient Energy Use

Utilizing renewable energy not only saves the planet but also your electric bills. Being power-efficient means having less carbon emission and less impact on the atmosphere. Nowadays, many commercial and residential buildings in Utah use solar energy. Looking for solar panels and energy solutions for your home is a step forward in protecting the environment.

Energy efficiency also cuts across appliances and electronics that lessen carbon dioxide emissions. Look out for washing machines, refrigerators, and other appliances with the Energy Star label. Additionally, if your lights need replacing, investing in LED bulbs with fewer wattages is the way to go instead of the usual incandescents. Remember, more efficiency equals less spending on power.

Conserving Water

Saving water is another global concern for another article; however, it is also a major source of energy to heat and treat water. When reducing water waste, take quicker baths and learn to conserve water.

Saving Power

On average, the American household powers roughly 65 different items and devices that consume power when not charging. To save the planet and lessen your electric bills, unplug devices when fully charged and adjust computers and other devices to a power saving mode when unused.

Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Hybrids and electronic vehicles save your money and fuel. They may be expensive, but the benefits of fuel and power saving are very apparent when using fuel-efficient cars. By the time 2025 rolls around, an increase in fuel efficiency will hopefully decrease car emissions by a significant amount.

Mode of Transport

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Using your car less and walking or biking instead not only saves the atmosphere but also saves up on fuel and encourages exercise. It’s also not just cars, but planes and heavy transportation means cause more pollution in the air. Taking the train instead of the plane, for example, saves you money and reduces carbon emission by a larger margin.

Climate change and global warming are ongoing issues and should be closely monitored by the world. Even a small step in reducing carbon emissions can do wonders to our surroundings and our savings. By reducing our carbon footprints, making the world a better place to live in is a priority that many can benefit from.

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