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Renovating Your Bathrooms? Here are Expert Tips to Consider

The bathroom is the number one place that most homeowners love to renovate since it is typically smaller — making it easier to redecorate. Plus, sprucing up the reduced space costs less, providing homeowners a great way of adding value to their home while ensuring comfort.

You can hire professionals to do the project, but if your renovation contractor does not make good on his promises, you can hire a reputable contract attorney to settle the issues — and do it yourself.

Regardless if you’re doing it yourself or not, follow these tips to make your bathroom renovation project smooth, efficient, appealing, and cost-effective.

Built-ins for Extra Room

When you only have limited bathroom space, having built-in fixtures like soap dishes and medicinal cabinets can maximize storage space without making the area more cramped. You can also flatten your ceiling lights by converting them into recessed lights.

Don’t Forget the Ventilation

Every bathroom needs ventilation, which can either come in the form of a large window or an exhaust fan. When choosing bathroom fans, make sure to look at their exhaust capacity and their noise levels for the best functionality and comfort.

Choose the Right Flooring

Although solid wood floors can make your bathroom look stylish, from a practical standpoint, it isn’t the best choice as wood is prone to mold growth and eventually breaks down in a moisture-ridden environment, which is common in bathrooms. Instead, go for floorings that can withstand the rigors of everyday bathroom use. The best materials to consider are porcelain tiles, ceramic, vinyl planks, tiles, and sheet vinyl.

Pick Colors Wisely

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To expand the bathroom space, ensure that the color palette you go with remains in the white or light color spectrum. That’s because dark colors may make the room feel smaller — or even claustrophobic. It’s best to use lighter colors on bathroom fixtures like the toilet and bathtub. When painting the bathroom, make sure to use white or off-white for the ceilings as darker colors can make the room smaller.

Add More Mirrors

Mirrors can make any room bigger, including the bathroom. Although most individuals think bathroom mirrors are only for checking makeup or hair, it can visually expand the space. Besides the primary mirror usually located above the bathroom sink, it’s best to add a second mirror in the area.

Lighting Matters

In a room where homeowners need to inspect their face and hair thoroughly, lighting is essential. Consider adding lighting fixtures around your bathroom mirrors, forming sconces for the best results — brightening the area while adding a bit of style. However, blinding light isn’t always ideal, so make sure to add a ‘dimmer switch,’ allowing you to adjust the ‘mood’ of your bathroom.

Add More Places to Hang Items

The best way to add more storage space in your bathroom is by adding hooks to your bathroom’s surface area, providing you more room without adding actual countertop surface areas. You can use these hooks for everything, from clothes to towels. Place these hooks on the back of the door, side of your cabinets, and any unused section of walls.

Incorporate Plants All Over The Bathroom

Adding plants in the bathroom can give it a ‘pop’ of color, making the room brighter and welcoming. Plus, certain houseplants can naturally filter the air inside, providing fresh and clean air every time. It’s best to add a floating shelf in the bathroom to trail your chosen line of plants, making your bathroom cleaner, fresher, and cozier.

Everyone wants a bathroom that would reflect their style while delivering the right amount of comfort, and you can achieve this by choosing the right fixtures, amenities — and following the tips mentioned, allowing you to remodel your bathroom into a properly functioning and appealing restroom.

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