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Making a Last Will: The Legal Steps You Should Partake

How can a will be legal or valid? Every state has its laws, which they implement regarding writing a last will. Having wealth that you want to leave to loved ones in case something happens to you should follow legalities lest you want it to go elsewhere.

The first thing you should do is hire family solicitors in your Townsville neighbourhood to ask about more details about it. They can help legalise your document so your wealth can go to the right people. Next, you need to take note of the following:

Things You Should Do First

1. No matter how many assets you have, you should list them down. You can either make an MS Word File or for some privacy, you can write it on a piece of paper and put it somewhere safe. List everything such as real estate properties, bank accounts, investment plans, vehicles, and other important assets.

2. List your heirs on a separate paper. You can list your family, friends, and the charity of your choice as heirs. Make sure to list a guardian for minor children and your pets. You want to designate a guardian for them because they can’t take care of themselves just yet, especially the pets. After that, choose a trustworthy person as your executor. They will take care of your assets and help in its distributions to your heirs.

Other Things You Should Do

3. For those who need a statutory form, you can get it from your designated government agency or law office. The Internet (if applicable) may also have it. The form must be filled with complete details such as name, address, etc. You need to enlist your assets and your heirs. Keep in mind that you also need to put your executor in the list.

4. If there’s no form, then you can do the will yourself. Type the contents and state that you’re writing it with a sound mind. Put all the correct details such as name, address, age, etc. Include all your assets, heirs, executors, and guardians. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

5. If you have other wills, indicate on your last will that the will you’re currently writing should supersede the other wills you have written before. Make sure you do that to avoid having problems in the future.

Final Steps

Man signing last will and testament

6. When signing your last will, it’s important that you have witnesses. Contacting legal counsel can help you with the process. It’s common for states to require “disinterested witnesses” who should be of sound mind and legal age.

7. Make sure that every little detail of your will isn’t overlooked. It should be done not because someone is forcing you because it will make the will invalid. Likewise, make sure that there is no fraud in the execution of the will.

Making a last will is a sensible thing to do because no one knows how much time they have left to live. Your heirs should get the wealth you’re leaving behind. Follow the legal steps and you’ll be sure that it’s followed through and through.

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