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Maintaining Your Home: What Should You Do?

You did the paperwork, you went through all the hassle and work of securing one, and at long last, you did it. You finally own your own home, feeling proud and accomplished. However, the longer you stay in your own property, the more you realize there’s more to it than just owning a home. A large part of being a homeowner is the maintenance involved. From cleaning to the occasional renovations to repairs and overhauls, a homeowner has many responsibilities. And if you’re like most people, you put off any repairs or cleaning unless you actually need it.

But if you’re looking to change that, either to make a living around your home more comfortable or to increase your property’s resale value, it can be quite difficult to start. With all the things you need to do and accomplish, it feels overwhelming not knowing where to start. But that’s what this article is for. Below are some ways you can maintain your house in easy and efficient ways.

Small, Frequent Cleaning

You might have heard of the idea of “small, frequent feeding” or “small, frequent meals” to manage weight better. But the rationale behind it can also work in maintaining your house. By cleaning often but with less intensity, you’re preventing the gradual build-up of dirt and dust.

This begins with the little things, such as putting things back to where they belong or making your bed when you wake up in the morning, and properly disposing of trash. When done consistently, you won’t have to do intensive cleaning every so often. And with the situation happening globally, frequent cleanings do more than keep your house clean. It also keeps you safe from germs and diseases.

Or Schedule Medium, Semi-frequent Cleaning

If you can’t be bothered to clean little by little every day, another idea is to clean every weekend. Because it’s not as often as cleaning every day, cleaning weekly still allows you the opportunity to go about your day while still making sure there isn’t much time in between cleanings to let things get messy.

However, it’s best to allocate one day of the week to clean the house and follow through with it. It’s best to schedule it on a day when there are the least people in the house as there’s less interference, and you can finish faster. This will help make sure that any accumulation of dirt throughout the week will be addressed, and if you finish fast enough, you have every right to have a relaxing night ahead of you.


Keep the Air Circulation Flowing

As we accumulate things around the house, we often feign to realize that we’ve either left too many things that gather dust easily out in the open or blocked air passageways leading to bad air circulation. Bad circulation then results in an increased accumulation of dust, draft, and mold, all of which can affect those living in it.

Ensure that your windows and doors aren’t blocked- it sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget that you put something there. Ideally, air should have an entrance and an exit, from one side of the room and out the other. This is often called cross ventilation and is a great way to make sure you keep the air flowing in your home fresh.

Another way to keep air circulating in your home is through the use of fans. You can opt to put ceiling fans to help with air circulation and cooling and heating. A ceiling fan rotating counterclockwise pushes cool air downward, making a room feel cooler. When switched to a clockwise rotation, it pulls the cool air up, increasing the temperature of the room.

Get Your Utilities Checked Every Year

How often do you make sure that everything is in order? Many of us often feel like as long as there’s nothing wrong visibly happening, it’s all good. However, with the many aspects that comprise a modern house, there are many unseen details that we might overlook.

Having a maintenance check every so often can minimize damage over gradual use or prevent dangerous situations from occurring. Get your home an electrical installation condition report (EICR) to ensure your electrical system is safe. It’s best to have a plumber occasionally look over your pipes to see whether something’s leaking or is clogged.

While getting your house checked when there isn’t something wrong may sound strange, it’s preventive action to make sure no bigger damage occurs. The last thing you want is a fuse blowing out when you need a computer to accomplish your work.

With these ideas in mind, you can ensure that you can maintain your home and help it last longer with no major issues.

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