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Keeping you Sliding Glass Doors Looking Good & Pristine

Sliding doors have been known to possess a certain charm and appeal to many homes. This is why a lot of homeowners are opting to incorporate these in their own house. They are known to make your space airier and brighter, giving a more inviting feel into it. While these are indeed mostly the case, there are instances wherein you can lose this appeal. This is true, especially when you’re missing out on their maintenance. Say you have sliding glass door systems, it’s easy to lose its beauty when a speck of dust or dirt is found.

This is why it’s crucial that you also know how to clean them up. Now, many of you might be curious about how you could keep its appeal that way. So to help you with its maintenance, here are some steps you must do.

Remove Curtains or Draperies

The very first thing you have to do is to remove curtains or drapes that may obscure your cleaning task. Try to clear out the surface, so it’s easier to clean and wash your glass doors. If you install screens on top of your glass doors, be sure to detach them before you start cleaning. This will make the whole process trouble-free.

Wash the Glass Surface of the Door

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For the actual cleaning, you must first start with wiping or washing the surface. If you want to clean every corner of your doors thoroughly, you can detach it from its frame and wash it separately. For quick cleaning, you may use a damp tack cloth to wipe the surface. This can help clear off any difficult spots. Except for glass cleaner products, it’s not recommended to use any cleaning solution. If you choose to wash it, splash water onto it and wipe it with terry cloth. Refrain from brushing the glass surface to avoid scraping the surface.

Vacuum the Track of the Door

Dirt and grime might accumulate on the door track of the sliding door. Because of this, you might often experience roughness in opening and closing them. To prevent that and keep it sliding smoothly, vacuuming the tracks is a must. A good 15 minutes or so can get your door moving without a hitch. Of course, this depends on the width of your frame. The important thing is, it doesn’t take that much to clean them up.

Lubricate the Wheels & Tracks

To finish off this job, be sure you lubricate the tracks and wheels of your sliding doors. Use an old rag to apply a decent amount of non-stick lubricant. You may also use toothbrush when applying it on the frame, wheels, and tracks. Experts suggest that you use silicone lubricant since it is less likely to attract dirt or grime after application. Right after lubricating, try shutting and opening your doors a few times to ensure the grease is spread out evenly.

When not appropriately maintained, sliding doors can become too difficult to handle. So be sure you follow these steps to keep yours looking and working great. If you look at most of these, you can efficiently complete them on your own. So you wouldn’t have to worry much about it.

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