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Keep Your Cool When Arrested with These Tips

Though it is possible to go through life without facing the possibility of an arrest, there is always the chance of it happening. If you’re unlucky enough to face arrest, the key thing to remember is to keep calm.     Most of the time, people who get arrested panic and make mistakes. Here are some of the things you need to remember when you’re facing jail time:

Don’t Resist

Though it is tempting to fight your arrest, especially if you are innocent, that is not the smart choice. Though people have a wide variety of rights when it comes to dealing with their arrest, one of the rights that they do not have is to resist arrest.

When a law enforcement officer arrests you, whether it is lawful or not, any act of resistance can result in an additional charge of resisting arrest or even battery of an officer. These charges are not something that the court will look kindly on. The best way to fight an arrest is in the court of law and not on the street.

Be Aware of Your Miranda Rights

When an arresting officer reads to you your Miranda rights, they are more than just words. They are a brief summary of the exact rights that you have when you are arrested. Being told these rights is important and sometimes, some police departments may ask you to sign a Miranda waiver, which is definitely a bad idea since it serves as proof that you are giving up your Miranda rights.

The two main Miranda rights are to keep quiet during interrogation and to have legal assistance. Use the first one immediately and try to get the second as quickly as possible.

Remember Your Arrest

Arrests can be highly-charged situations and emotions can run high. This can mean your rights end up being violated or other things can go wrong. These details are important when it comes to your defense strategy. Your arresting officer’s superiors might also be interested in what they did during the arrest. You might also get additional evidence from the officer’s recording equipment, which can go a long way in proving your innocence.

Contact Your Family

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The first one you should contact (if they don’t know about your arrest) is your family. Besides giving you emotional support, they would be able to provide financial support by lending you money and even sending you care packages to jail.

Get Legal Assistance

You have the right to a lawyer and if you have one that you trust, you should contact him or her as quickly as possible. Remember that you are only obligated to tell your name, phone number, and address to the police without a lawyer present. Wait for them before you start talking or agreeing to an interview.

Always Post Bail

Even when you are arrested, you have the right to bail unless the crime you are accused of is non-bailable. Unless you are a flight risk, you are usually allowed to post bail. This is great since it allows you out of a jail cell until the trial. If you don’t have the money to post bail, then bail bonds are a good alternative. It should be easy to find bail bond services in Smithfield, NC and other metropolitan areas. Most cities have several bail bondsmen who are ready to help out people who lack money to fully pay for their bail.

Keeping your freedom is sometimes just a matter of making smart decisions. The tips above should guide you in the right direction when it comes to staying out of jail. Ensure it stays that way by being smart and staying calm. Making the right choices can go a long way to ensuring your continued freedom.

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