Is Your Leadership Paying Off? 3 Signs You’re Doing A Great Job

Successful companies rely on good leadership at all levels of their hierarchy. If you find yourself in a managerial or supervisory position, then that means you’ve been deemed trustworthy and capable among other candidates. It’s an honor and a burden because now you have to assure them that they didn’t choose wrong. The difficulty with leading people sometimes, though, is that you’re the last person to see when you’re doing a good job. That’s because, unlike mistakes, praises and recognition can be few and far between.

The good thing is that there are tell-tale signs that you’re doing well without you needing to wait for your boss’s evaluation.

People Thrive

All employees yearn for career growth while they’re working hard for your company. This might not always mean a promotion, although that’s a level up no one will refuse. Opportunities that make people feel like they’re growing include getting new tasks or bigger obligations, receiving due guidance with their workload, and learning new skills. Company-paid workshops, seminars, and team building events not only build them up professionally but also add a shimmer to their resume.

When you notice that the employees you handle are generally happy at work and their individual performance is improving, it’s a sign that you’re doing something right. Creating a work environment where everyone thrives together is a challenging feat, and you should congratulate yourself for giving them a good employment experience.

Conflicts Don’t Get Out of Hand

Conflicts are unavoidable. No matter how great of a leader you are, your team’s members will have their differences. These differences will escalate from time to time, and it’s up to you to make sure that they don’t get out of hand.

Your methods of resolving these matters have achieved that, exactly. It helped that you came prepared with a neutral voice of reason through an employment mediator, and all your workplace disputes could be settled without getting into any legality. Your employee’s willingness to talk things out peacefully and agree to a compromise is often a result of their respect for you. Your ability to spare your team and your company from more serious problems is a testament to good leadership.

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Employee Retention Is Not a Problem

People are indeed more likely to stay with a company if they like their bosses. Oftentimes, it’s not the heavy workload or the long hours that prompt employees to resign. It’s the people who manage them that determines whether they’ll consider the job worth all their hard work.

Consider your team members’ tenure. Have they been there for two years? Maybe even four? Instead of talks of better opportunities, do they say they look forward to next year’s company event? Are there some who approach you to discuss opportunities for promotion?

Employee retention is essential for each company. It gives them a return for their investment and prevents losses. The longer your employees stay, the better the chances that your company will grow exponentially in the coming years–all thanks to your leadership.

Achievements Should Be Celebrated

Something is invigorating about knowing that your leadership paid off. Give yourself a treat and book that long-overdue vacation. Even the best leaders need to have a break so that they can return to work better than ever.

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