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How to Start Your Roofing Business

You’ve been running an ad-hoc business fixing kitchen sink leaks and broken pipes. Usually, applying plumbing adhesives and sealants takes care of the problem. Often, there are other problems in the house, like a broken heating system or the roof needs fixing. They ask if you could help fix those, too. Although you probably can, you decline. You don’t have the tools yet and perhaps enough experience to provide the service professionally.

Now you are starting to think about the possibility of earning more by expanding and making your business more formal. You want to include roof contracting business as part of your overall enterprise. How can you make it work? What do you need to know to start a roof contracting business?

Here are a few things to consider:

Roof Contracting Business Overview

Would $49 billion shock you? Well, that’s how much the roof contracting business generated in revenue as of March 2019. That’s a pretty nifty sum, just working on top of a house. The number of companies is also robust, with nearly 105,000 across America.

If you start your business, you will also be riding a stable annual growth rate of 5.2% for the past five years. So it seems that you’re making the right choice.

Getting the Work Done

Your skills as a handyman will help you greatly in this business. But there are nuances in the trade that you need to be familiar with. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Learn first and build a track record. Rely on your confidence that you are a good handyman. Learn what you can from tutorials or even a professional who has done the business already. Go back to your previous customers and see if they still need help on their roof. Slowly build your customer base.
  2. You’ll need a permit and license. You will need to get a license, perhaps not for all states, but some will require it. It’s better to get this thing out of the way. You’ll never know when you’ll work out of state. Register your business also in your municipality. This means that you would have to comply with zoning laws and pass safety inspections.

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  1. Establish a base of operation. You’ll need a place to set up your office. This could be an extra room in your house, your garage, or if you have the resources, get an office space downtown. Have the basics organized, such as a desk, a computer, telephone, internet connection, and stationery. It’s easier to take calls or handle requests for quotations from an office.
  2. Invest in the right equipment. At least you need to get the basics on hand, like a roof snake, moisture meter, and a utility knife. You need to have some roof materials for quick roof fixes.
  3. Advertise and stay connected. Do an all-fronts advertising assault if you can: traditional advertising with flyers on car windshields and digital marketing through your website and social media platforms. Establish a brand immediately through these channels. Make sure that your website is not only attractive but also optimized. Connect with people in the business by participating in events such as conferences, seminars, exhibits, and product launches. These are excellent opportunities to hand out flyers and business cards.

Get your shop in order from the get-go by seeking the help of an accountant. You’ll need to consider insurance since your work and your business entails risk. This list is incomplete but should set the right tone for you to start your roofing business.

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