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How to Ride Your Motorcycle Safely

There’s nothing like riding your motorcycle on long stretches of road, complete with scenic views. There’s a lot of that in Australia, but there’s also a lot of motorcycle accidents. There’s no avoiding the call of the road, but you can make yourself safer and lower your chances of getting into an accident.

Gear Up

Riding that motorcycle, you don’t have much between you and the road. No seatbelts, no airbag, and no 2-ton hunk of metal to protect you. A single bump or an error in judgment can have you careening off the road or flying across the asphalt. Motorcycle injuries are always far worse than car injuries, and fatalities are far more common. If you ride without a helmet, your chances of sustaining serious injuries if an accident occurs are 72 percent higher. You need all the safety gear you can buy: helmets, jackets, pants, boots, gloves, and additional protection for your back. If you ride at night, you should probably have a set of reflective safety vests to be sure. You can get most of these in motorcycles stores or even online. For short rides, you can probably get away with just a helmet. Add a safety vest if you’re going out at night. For longer trips, you need to bring as much protection as you can.

Hit the Track

motorcycle dirt track

If speed is what you need, then the road may not be an excellent place to ride. Get on a proper motorcycle race track and go head to head with other speed freaks. It might sound riskier, but it’s a lot safer. You’re in a controlled environment, and you can get help almost immediately in case an accident occurs. There are no 2-ton monsters driven by entitled teenagers to get in your way, and you’ll be riding with more or less proficient bikers. Gunning through a course is also more satisfying than just going on a straight line, and your adrenaline will shoot up once you get to compete with other bikers. There are a lot of raceways and circuits in Australia, and you can meet up with your potential friends/competitors through dozens of motorcycle racing clubs.

Bar the Booze

Riding a motorcycle requires sharp senses, quick reflexes, and good balance; alcohol wrecks all three. A couple of bottles of beers can be enough to dull your senses, slow down your reaction time, and play havoc on your balance. You might not detect other vehicles, or you might react a split-second slower. Either way, your chances of getting into an accident goes up significantly. Around 25 percent of all motorcycle fatalities involve alcohol, and most of these accidents occur on weekends. So it’s either riding or drinking because you can only choose one.

Overall, some of the most beautiful stretches of road can be found in Australia. You can ride through majestic rainforests, dazzling cliff views, and fascinating coastlines. However, safety should always be your priority so that you can keep answering the call of the road.

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