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How to Design a Clutter-Free and Functional Entryway

Do you find yourself constantly tidying up your entryway? Entryways naturally get a ton of foot traffic every single day so clutter can rapidly accumulate in such a cramped space. Luckily for you, you can do certain design tweaks to reduce clutter buildup and craft a tidy and clutter-free entryway that’s very easy on the eyes.

Place a Low-Maintenance Runner

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much dust and dirt a runner, placed on slip-resistant backing could collect. The great thing about this is that you can just shake out the runner and vacuum it to keep it clean. When shopping for a runner, opt for one made of practical sisal or hemp because these materials are very durable and easy to clean.

Make Sure Your Doormat is Recessed

A recessed doormat laid flush on your flooring is an excellent way to ward off dirt and other debris from outside. This is very useful if you have timber, tiled, or carpeted floors. As with the runner, you just need to vacuum and shake the rug once weekly to eliminate dirt buildup. Ensuring that the doormat is laid perfectly flush on your floor will help make certain that your doormat won’t snag when someone opens or closes the door. It will also enable you to install a draught-proof, cosy front door should you wish.

Choose The Finish of Your Flooring Wisely

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In order to avoid unsightly marks and scruffs, skip light flooring materials if possible. But if you really love pale tiles, choose a finish that will be more forgiving of dirt, like pale tiles with some speckling, graining, or flecking so that dirt won’t be too noticeable. In addition, if you really must have wood floors for the entryway, opt for a finish that’s heavily brushed so that future imperfections won’t look that obvious.

Pick Your Console Table Carefully

Almost all homes, no matter how small, have a console table or something similar in their entryways. The problem with this is the clutter that usually builds up on them if you’re not careful. That said, if the console table in your Singapore home is home to various odds and ends, opt for a console table with a Perspex to clear glass top. This way, you won’t need to worry about placing soiled or wet items on it since you can just wipe the top with a damp cloth and it’s sparkling clean again. You can also place a box, container, or basket on top or under your console table. When you go this route, however, you need to de-clutter the containers on a regular basis.

Consider a Slim, Floor to Ceiling Cupboard

Most homeowners don’t have that much storage, but it’s surprising how a simple floor to ceiling cupboard could instantly transform an otherwise messy entryway to one devoid of clutter. You can likewise consider full-length wardrobe in your entryway for shoes, hats, and coats.

Whether you are looking to make your narrow entryway more functional or just looking to make it more clutter-free and more welcoming, refer to the tips above to help you design a tidy and more useable entryway.

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