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How Much Should You Spend on Drain Cleaning Service in Provo?

Professional drain cleaning in Provo may cost from $91 to $414, although rates in Utah County are mostly similar except when you hire a general contractor.

On average, most homeowners spend $252 to hire a licensed plumber. The type of service will determine the actual rate. If you need to clean a kitchen or bathtub drain, you can expect to pay at least $100 for professional service. Clogs in the toilet may cost the same, but severe blockage may require you to spend up to $270. Laundry drain and main pipe cleaning are more expensive, which may cost at least $150 and $180, respectively.

Common Causes of Clogs

Common knowledge dictates that you shouldn’t pour grease or solid food waste down the drain, but this isn’t the only cause of clogged sinks or pipes. Some homes have kitchens that are linked to the laundry room drains. You may not be aware of this until you notice that both are clogged with food and waste build-up.

If your kitchen and laundry drains are connected, then it’s a good enough reason to contact a plumber for routine cleaning. Even if you take care not to pour anything unusual into the sink, the accumulation of tiny food debris and soap can cause clogs to develop over time. Strainers and filter systems won’t be enough, especially if the problem already happened inside the pipes that may need professional snaking.

Other Reasons for Hiring a Pro

Some causes of blockage aren’t your fault. On the contrary, nature can be the culprit like tree roots that found their way into the pipes. Shifting soil conditions and a busted pipe are some of the common reasons for root-damaged pipes. Once you hire a professional to snake the drain, they can rule out any possibilities of leaks.

This is important because tree roots thrive in moisture, so they will naturally seek the source and continue to grow from there. As a result, you’ll have blocked pipes and eventually see sewage or clean water backup.

Do You Have Frozen Pipes?

close shot of frozen pipe

Homeowners in Provo can also have frozen pipes at home during the early and latter parts of the year. Aside from low temperatures, a pipe becomes more at risk of being frozen if it’s under a sink in a cabinet. If your basement has no insulation, it’s possible to have frozen pipes there as well.

You can use a heat lamp or hair dryer to thaw exposed frozen pipes. Finding other frozen pipes can be difficult particularly those hidden inside walls. Your best option is to hire a plumber for locating them.

You should hire a plumber to check your pipes at least once every year even if there are no problems with your drainage. Most problems don’t happen overnight, as these are often the result of several months of debris and gunk build-up. If possible, contact a plumber during their working hours to avoid paying extra for service or call-out fees. Emergency services will cost more if you hire a professional during late hours, weekends or holidays.

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