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How Much Should You Pay a Professional Landscaper in Spokane?

Professional landscaping services for your home will vary based on factors such as hiring a landscape designer or landscape architect in Spokane, Washington.

The average rate in the city for 211 linear feet may cost around $8.26 per linear foot or approximately $1,652, including the cost of labor. Education and training primarily distinguish an architect from a designer in this industry. Landscape architects must obtain a license after completing a bachelor’s degree in the field. Landscape designers may also have the same education and training, but they don’t need to have a license to perform work.

Who Should You Hire?

A landscape architect will be the better option when you go for a design-build work. You should also consider them for bigger projects, while landscape designers are better for smaller ones. If you only need a blueprint for your plan, then contracting a designer allows you to save money on billable services. Just remember to ask for their specific skills like 3D modeling, which has become the common tool used for creating landscape designs. If possible

How to Screen Contractors

A reputable architect should have attended college or university accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects, aside from passing the state license requirements. Most professionals can work on commercial or residential projects, and they should be familiar with tasks from building irrigation to addressing elevation problems.

You need to hire an architect if you have to change the structure of your front yard. Tasks such as relocating driveways, parking spaces, water pipes and utility lines will require the expertise of a landscape architect. Designers can only help with recreating a new look for the space, and they are likely more qualified when they are certified by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

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How Much Should You Pay?

If you only need expert advice, the usual hourly rates in Spokane range from $50 to $100 for a consultation and home inspection. Experienced architects and designers will charge more for their service. Some may even charge up to $6,000 for extensive designs and layout plans. A good rule of thumb for a budget involves the 10% rule.

As an example, you should spend around $30,000 if your house has a prevailing market value of $300,000. You don’t have to spend it all on improving your property’s curb appeal, as the backyard landscaping is also important.

Most homeowners in Spokane spend almost $6,950 for backyard design, while others spend approximately $1,470 or even up to $12,420 depending on the intricacy of design elements. You should expect to pay a bigger price if you want the backyard to double as an outdoor living space.


Hiring a landscape architect or designer will greatly affect your budget. While it’s tempting to cut costs by choosing a landscape designer, consider the benefits that you’ll be missing from contracting an architect. Compare rates by asking quotes from at least three different service providers. Look for those who offer warranty coverage and ongoing service even after completing the project.

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