Hardwood Floors

How Much Does It Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Contractors may have similar prices for refinishing hardwood flooring in Orange County, CA, where prices range from around $4,300 to 4,700.

In Anaheim, most homeowners spend around $4,480 to refinish hardwood floors. The average price costs $3 per square foot, which is less expensive than replacing hardwood with a new one. You should expect to spend at least $12 per square foot to install hardwood on 200 square feet of space. Other factors like hiring a general contractor can drive up the total price by up to $671 as payment for additional fees.

Different Kinds of Finishing

Water- and oil-based comprise two of the most common types for refinishing hardwood floors. Choose an oil-based finish if you want to limit expenses. However, water-based products emit little to no chemical odors and dry in as fast as two hours. Some water-based polyurethane finishing products have a clear coating that can highlight the floor’s natural color.

You’ll need at least four coats to protect the wood, so it may take eight hours to complete the job in between coats. By contrast, oil-based finishing needs at least two coats with at least five hours of drying time between each application. Homeowners should also avoid walking on the refinished floor for at least 12 hours after the last coating. You’ll also need to ventilate the area to get rid of the lingering smell.

Take note that you won’t have any problems with refinishing a lighter-colored hardwood with a darker finish. If you want to lighten it, then the cost of refinishing will increase above the average rate due to the need for more materials and labor time.

Hardwood Floors

How Strong is Your Hardwood Flooring?

Different kinds of hardwood mean various levels of durability for each one. The strength of your chosen hardwood species is closely related to the frequency of refinishing it. Stronger wood implies a smaller risk to scratches and cracks, hence the need for less frequent refinishing. According to the Janka scale, Douglas Fir has the lowest hardness factor at 660.

Shortleaf and Longleaf Yellow Pines, Black Cherry and Teak have hardness factors that range from 690 and 1,000. The scale also ranked Brazilian Walnut and Brazilian Cherry species as the strongest types of hardwood with a rating of 3,800 and 2,350, respectively. Santos Mahogany and Mesquite also have hardness ratings between 2,200 and 2,345.

Bamboo is technically the strongest with a 5,000 rating, particularly for the Cali Bamboo Fossilized type. Despite not being a type of hardwood, the Janka scale still included bamboo since it’s used as a flooring material.

The type of hardwood determines the actual price of refinishing it. It’s possible to spend less than $4,000 on refinishing services, but you should be wary of contractors who charge an unusually low amount. You could refinish solid hardwood species for several times without ever having to replace it if you observe proper care and maintenance. On the other hand, engineered wood types can be refinished for a certain number of times, no matter how careful you are with the floor.

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