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Home Improvements to Accommodate People with Disability

Finally being able to go home after staying at the hospital for an extended period because of a medical condition that has led one to become disabled is relieving. After all, there is no place like home. But as a patient, this is not always a good thing.

Undoubtedly, medical and hospital bills won’t be piling up. But the absence of professional nurses and tools to help one have a more convenient life will also be absent. For people living with disabilities, specific arrangements and changes have been made in order for them to function well.

For example, having a home elevator in Utah might not be common. But it is a necessity that most disabled people would benefit from. Doing these changes will be easy because there are professional services who are skilled in providing the things that you and your disabled loved one needs.

But, the whole preparation process can be challenging due to the various factors that you have to take into consideration.

Understand the needs

StairliftThere is no one size fits all when doing the necessary home improvements to accommodate the needs of your loved ones. Thus, it is something that you, your loved one, and the doctor has to be actively involved in.

Only by truly understanding the medical and physical needs of your loved one would you be able to successfully improve your home to be a safe, comfortable, and convenient one.

Legalities and paperwork

Building homes and doing necessary renovations are not always allowed, especially if you do not own the property you are living at. But the Fair Housing Act enables people with disabilities to do so freely and without discrimination.

This makes it easier for family members to make the necessary renovations by simply adhering to said policies.


There is a reason why homes do not have their own elevators or escalators. Home equipment to help the quality of life of the disabled do not come cheap. More often than not, it is one of the reasons why people with disability have to compromise their safety and convenience.

Fortunately, there is federal funding, assistance programs, as well as grants and loans, which can exclusively be enjoyed by people with disability. Financial assistance will be of great help, but this does not mean that proper financial planning should be neglected.

Planning and remodeling

This is the fun part. Seeing your home transform into a place where everyone can have their own place to move freely and safely, as well as space to do things independently is definitely something worth investing.

Involving your loved one with disability (if he/she is able) in every step of planning, can help make sure that the decisions you are making will fit their needs to a T. Also, working with skilled contractors who have experiences in providing such improvements is a must.

Turning your home into a safe space where you and your loved ones, regardless of disability or not, can enjoy is something that you can do with proper planning, funding, and help from the right people.

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