Home Car Garage: Why Building One is Wise?

With over 331 million in projected population in 2021, America is definitely growing as a nation. That’s over a million increase in population compared to the year before that. Put in the mix over 2 6.9 million vehicles registered in 2020, another increasing number compared to the year before that. And you have a country that has nearly a one-is-to-one ratio when it comes to cars versus the number of citizens. That shows how America has become a nation on wheels.

Also that should tell you the long-time dream of Henry Ford, the legendary founder of Ford Motors, of having an affordable &ldquo horseless carriage” for every family in America is fast becoming a reality. While naysayers kept mocking Ford for his advocacy to replace the horse as a means of transportation. Though it’s worth noting that there are many brands other than Ford that made that dream come true.

What is surprising is many car owners in America are having a hard time finding a suitable garage for their ride. One in every 4 Americans details in a survey that their garage is useless. It’s too crowded and cluttered, they say.

Well, you might have to get your garage in order in that case. Or you might have to build a bigger one. If you’re too sure about moving the needle, here are reasons why giving your car its very own carport is wise.

Protect Your Investment

Let’s face it. Even when car prices may have fallen through the years (realizing Henry Ford’s dream of affordable cars for everyone), cars are highly-likely your second most expensive investment. It’s second only to your home investment.

Couple that with the fact that on average cars cost about  $35,000 in the U.S. and $38,000 in Canada. For many Americans, those numbers represent their annual income. So, putting your money on a vehicle is definitely a big move on your part.

It’s therefore paramount that you provide ample protection for the investment you made in your car. It’s but rational. That way, you can extend the life span of your car for longer.

Keep Vehicles Secure

It doesn’t matter if you bring home a shiny brand new Porsche or a used one, they can still attract the unwanted attention of thieves. And that’s especially if you just park your car in your driveway. Even when it’s armed with a modern car alarm system, vehicles parked outside your precious abode are an open invitation for unscrupulous individuals.

To note, used cars have tons of advantages over driving a brand new vehicle. A key element, of course, is the lower price. Reason enough why many a used car dealership franchise have been enjoying brisk sales even during the pandemic. Indeed, getting into a proven-and-tested used car franchise can be a brilliant idea. It gives people the benefit of driving their own car without punching a huge hole in their wallets.

No doubt, an exotic car would be a prime target for car thieves. Know, however, those common cars such as the Toyota Camry Honda Accord are also top on the list of car thieves as these models can feed a burgeoning need for parts in the black market.

Worse, parking outdoors makes your vehicles an irresistible target for vandalism, a big possibility in light of the rise of Asian American hate groups. Imagine how much trouble you’ll go into if your car is stolen or is defaced by graffiti.

car garage

Protect Your Ride from the Elements

No doubt, cars today are a lot more high-tech compared to cars of yesteryears. However, even when they’re highly engineered, Mother Nature can still take a toll on their body.

And that’s true even when you’re a dedicated car owner who takes care of your vehicle. Even with all the washing, waxing, and rust-proofing, these vehicles do have a shelf-life.

For instance, too much sunlight and heat can cause your seals and engine hoses to crack faster. Exposure to the elements (bird droppings) can damage your car too. That’s why getting your vehicle a home garage is spot on.


Think of the greater convenience if you have your car garage closest to home. Even when your driveway may not that far away, you’ll still have to walk a few meters when you carry a boatload of groceries. Indeed, that can be taxing.

But with a home garage, getting those heavy groceries home is a cinch. Plus, you won’t have to take care of the snow when you give your car a home car garage.

And yes, did we tell you having a home car garage is a sure-fire way to up your personal property’s curb appeal? Indeed, it’s true. Add the greater safety you enjoy from when you park your car right inside your home garage than in your driveway.

Getting your precious abode a home car garage tells the world about how much you care for everyone in the family. And best of all, it speaks volumes on how much you care for yourself.

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