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Everything You Need to Know about AAA Membership: Is it Worth it?

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has been providing road assistance to its ever-increasing members since its launch over a century ago. And because of the AAA’s exclusive incentives and reliable membership system management, it remains the most well-known organization for helping motorists across the country, boasting over 60 million active members.

Although an AAA membership focuses on providing roadside assistance, the AAA also provides its members with other perks, including travel services, exclusive discounts, and financial aid for particular products. The membership prices vary on what state you live in and the level of coverage you pick.

Here are the benefits, costs, and membership tiers the AAA offers to help you decide if an AAA membership is worth the price for you:

Benefits of an AAA Membership

The benefits that you can receive from an AAA membership will depend on the level of coverage you choose and your location. Although each membership tier’s benefits vary, here the key benefits that all tiers provide:

Roadside Assistance

This benefit is the main advantage that AAA memberships provide. It helps cover fees for services like towing, changing flat tires, winching if your vehicle gets stuck at an accessible location, emergency fuel deliveries, and locksmith services if you accidentally lock yourself out of your car.

Travel or Trip Reimbursement

A vital benefit of all AAA membership tiers is reimbursement for expenses when your car becomes disabled for over 24 hours, and you’re at least 50 miles away from your house. These costs include lodging and meals.

Free Repairs at AAR Networks

AAR (Approved Auto Repair) Networks are facilities provided by the AAA, offering free car repair services that come with a 24/24 warranty, meaning the quality of work that they offer can last for 24,000 miles or 24 months.

Rewards and Exclusive Discounts

All tiers of the AAA membership program offer exclusive discounts to its members on over 9,000 national brands, including theater tickets, hotels, rental vehicles, food establishments, and retail stores.

Remember that these are just some of the most common benefits that each AAA membership share, and some specific locations limit on towing and lockout services, while others tend to be more generous.

How Much Is an AAA Membership?

As an established federation of motor clubs throughout the nation, each AAA club provides the same benefits in all their membership tiers, but prices differ in each location.

However, the average costs of each tier are the following:

  • A classic AAA membership is the cheapest of the tiers and can cost between $50 and $70 annually, offering members primary incentives.
  • A plus AAA membership can cost around $80 to $105 annually, providing more benefits than the classic membership like having a higher lockout limit of $100.
  • A premier AAA membership can cost between $120 and $130 annually, offering the most incentives of all the tiers, including exclusive benefits like a one-day free rental car with a tow.

Is It Worth It?

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The main benefit that an AAA membership offers is roadside assistance. However, several other sources can also provide this service, including your auto insurance firm, car warranty, or even your credit card company. However, even if you already possess roadside assistance, an AAA membership can be worth it if you want to enjoy exclusive benefits like special discounts, travel services, and the federation’s approved auto repair services.

Before getting an AAA membership, ensure that you look at their full offerings, including benefits, costs, and discounts to see which works best for your needs.

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