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Don’t Break a Sweat Buying Your Next Car

If the prospect of buying a new car fills you with anxiety and dread, you’re going about it wrong. That’s an indication that you tend to rush through the entire process and that leaves you at a disadvantage. Here are simple pointers to help you hold your own against the Nissan car dealers here in Auckland when shopping for a new ride.

Stick to your guns

You’re likely to feel out of depth when buying a car because you’re up against a superior force. Dealerships fill their ranks with highly polished sales reps as it helps to push sales. These highly motivated teams are on a mission to sell cars.

To hold your own against such a persuasive is to have a clear goal of what you need when walking in — anything less leaves you exposed and vulnerable. You might end up with the wrong choice of car.

Bear in mind that both you and the seller have a common ground – you want to buy a car, and they are aching to sell you one.

The difference lies make and model of the vehicle they want you to buy versus the one you want to buy. Since it’s your car, you should have the last say on the matter.

Go deep on research

The hold your own against seasoned car sales reps, you need a clear idea of what you want in a car. To this end, you need a little bit of introspection. How long is your commute? How big is your family? Are you looking for a family car or a workhorse? What kind of terrain do you usually drive on?

Answering these questions gives you deep insights into your transportation needs and while letting you zero in on the kind of car that suits your needs. Most buyers skip over this crucial step, and it ruins the entire car owning experience. Going over this step carefully, not only gets you the car you need but also saves you a considerable amount of money.

Delving deep into your transportation needs lets you make a conscious buying decision. That keeps you from paying for an expensive SUV when a minivan can suffice. That’s exceedingly important when you need to finance the buy.

Time your buy

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Not all days are created equal in the car-selling world, and you can use that to your advantage when buying a one. Dealerships often have sales quotas and targets to meet each month. As such, the sales reps are amenable to giving you a great deal during the last week of each month.

The same case applies to the last week of each of the four fiscal quarters. Both dealerships and sales reps are keen to meet or exceed their sales targets because it comes with handsome bonuses and rewards. You’re likely to snag a great deal on a car of your choice during such times.

The same case applies when dealerships are introducing newer models into the market, usually towards the end of the ear.

Buying a car calls for significant financial commitment, and as such, you need to get one that fits both your transportation needs and budget. Luckily, you can achieve both of these goals each time you need to buy a car. It only calls for a little bit of preparation.

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