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Do You Lift, Bro: Test Drive Your Off-Road Vehicle in Utah

If you’re a 90s kid and MTV was once a constant part of your diet, you probably considered Pimp My Ride as your main course meal. What’s not to like about cars with pool tables, cotton candy maker, and a fog machine? Plus, the show made you believe that good things can happen to people, that dreams can come true, that you can live on the extreme side.

And live on the extreme side, you did. After searching for the best brands of vehicles to customize, and lift kits installation experts in Provo, you’re now looking for off-road trails in Utah. Dreams really do come true, don’t they?

There’s something about those tough babies that are appealing even to non-fans– they are fantastic to look at, and they perform well. They appear like they can weather any storm and travel any mountain, which is not entirely false, but it’s still better to test that out.

Here’s a list of trails in Utah where you can test your off-road beast:

1. EASY: Cane Wash (Green River, Utah)

Let’s start with the easy trail. Cane Wash is a vast sandy landscape with rocks here and there, which means some parts can get muddy during the rainy season. The starting point is at the intersection of Fixit Pass and Nielsen Dugway. You’ll know you’re there when you see the sign saying, “Cane Wash: Head of Sinbad”.

It’s almost like a walk in the park; you will not break a sweat. It’s an easy trail without many obstacles, as how easy trails should be. However, its scenery is divine. The transition from the greeneries of Locomotive Point to the desert of Buckhorn Draw Road makes a perfect postcard picture.

You’ll spot the Calf Mesa Uranium Park, and two abandoned 1940s truck. The hiking trailhead to No Man’s Mountain and Sid’s Mountain is along the way.

Come to this trail when you’re still familiarizing yourself with the feel of your new vehicle. Plus, the scenery and history will make it worthwhile.

2. MODERATE: Fins and Things (Moab, Utah)

off road vehicles on a rocky path

A few meters from the starting point, you’ll be welcomed by the first slick rock– a steep weathered sandstone from the Jurassic Period. The obstacles on this dirt sand trail are leagues away from the ones in Cane Wash. It’s moderate, bordering on difficult.

The sandstones in the area can help you in getting the feel of your vehicle’s traction. The climb is steep; the descent, even more so. You will need to bring a friend to serve as your spotter for the more angled climb.

The trail will give you a picturesque view of the La Sal Mountains across the domes of Sand Flats. Follow the lane of ash-hued markings, and you’ll be able to stay on track. It’s an exhilarating trail which is also an archeological site.

3. DIFFICULT: Top of the World (Cisco, Utah)

Hell’s Revenge would have won this category for its name alone, but today’s society needs more positivity, so this spot goes to Top of the World.

Kidding aside, Top of the World offers the most scenic view of La Sal Mountains, Titan Tower, Onion Creek Canyon, and Fisher Valley. Before you get there, you’ll go through terrain with rocks formed like stairs. For the steep climb, make sure to bring a spotter who can also take photos.

Top of the World is chosen for this main reason: The edge of the cliff is a picture-perfect spot for your off-road vehicle. It’s a must for every off-road enthusiast. It will give you instant bragging rights.

Assess your ability as a driver and your familiarity with the vehicle before you choose a trail. Keep safe.

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