Dating 101: Preparing Yourself Before Your Special Night Out

Dating is not a new concept for people who are looking for a potential partner. Back then, it was traditional where one person would ask another to go out and arrange a dinner in a fancy restaurant or to the disco. Nowadays, there are many ways a person can ask for a date.

Social media has made us reliant on online socializing where you don’t really need to see each other in person to communicate. But nothing beats the personal touch, and this is still the best way to get to know someone a little bit better than just friends.

But even though setting up a date is a common thing, not everyone leads to success. If you want to raise your chances, then the following pieces of advice might help you “seal the deal.”

Look (and Smell) Presentable

Dating is usually about first impressions, although this doesn’t really reflect a person’s overall qualities. But giving a good one increases your chance of having a second date. The first thing you’ll want to prepare for is how you would look.

Note: you don’t have to over-prepare and spend all your money on expensive clothing and makeover packages. Think of it as an “interview” if you will, so you need to look presentable without going overboard.

Is your vehicle not up to par? Why don’t you rent a car and self-drive all over Manila, Philippines? You’ll be able to take your date home once you’re done, and you get plus points for being nice.

Act Genuine

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Flattery may get you somewhere, but not all the way. Sure, many people like to hear what they want about their looks or personality, but genuine compliments come from the heart and it can be felt. If you really like the person, there’s a chance that your heart is pounding like crazy.

But calm yourself and use your wit whenever you get the chance. It’s also important to think before you speak but be sure that your words reflect what’s true.

Focus on Getting to Know Each Other

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder what your date would look like wearing a certain dress because she looks too good. While that is a natural reaction, this is not about you, but about her. The most important thing is to listen to what she’s saying and not how her lips look when she talks.

You’ll have a meaningful conversation and an interesting evening that can be potentially repeated.

Let Your Presence Be Known

As soon as you arrive and see each other, there’d already been a thousand thoughts running through both of your minds. That is why it’s important to let your presence be felt. Don’t go blindly swinging by, doing actions that can get you in trouble or make you feel like a ghost.

Be there and respond to her words and actions, but don’t go as far as being overbearing and boastful.

Even with all that, nothing will go the way it should without confidence. If you’re new to dating, don’t fret if you feel afraid and even horrified at the idea that you will spend a few hours with a person you’re interested with. Until then, good luck and be safe.

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