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Crucial Safety Features That Set Apart Luxury Cars

The days of investing in a basic car to get you from one point to the next are long gone. Luxury vehicles are now the leading choice for anyone looking for superior performance in short-distance travel. From homes to vehicles, people now focus on pleasing your five senses. Factors like soft leather, thick carpeting, quality construction, and large spaces are some of the defining elements of luxury. For most people, a luxury vehicle is only one from a renowned brand.

Your best choice is to, however, base your pick on elements like Porsche parts and those of other brands in an NZ-based dealership. This allows you to consider different luxury vehicle brands apart from those that have invested in aggressive marketing campaigns. One thing that differentiates luxury cars from ordinary ones is their safety features. Technology changes every day, and manufacturers are intent on developing the best safety features for their luxury cars. The following are some of the crucial ones to consider for your purchase.

Pedestrian Collision Warning

Luxury cars are built for speed. You, however, would not want to injure pedestrians when enjoying a drive in your hot rod. Pedestrian collision warning systems are the latest feature in luxury car manufacturing to improve road safety for everyone. These work much like vehicle collision warning systems which include a 360-degree scan around your vehicle, unlike vehicle collision warning systems that only have sensors in front of the car. If the systems detect a passenger near your path, they will notify you to take the appropriate measures to avoid a collision. If you do not take these measures in time, pedestrian collision systems will apply full braking power to stop your car.

Adaptive Cruise Control

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Adjusting your driving speed to maintain the proper distance between your car and the one in front can be tiring. Some drivers fail to stop on the brake pedal when necessary, so the adaptive cruise control feature found in luxury vehicles comes in handy. This uses cameras or sensors at the front of your car to measure your distance from another vehicle. The system then activates the brakes to slow your car or completely stop it to maintain a safe distance between it and others.

Night Vision Camera

Driving in low-light conditions calls for a night vision camera. This works with your headlights to generate a thermal or infrared view of the road. A night vision camera allows drivers on country roads to spot animals and avoid deadly collisions. These cameras are mounted behind your cabin or on the bumper, which displays images on your dashboard monitor.

Seatbelt Tensioning

The safety features in luxury cars often work with braking systems. They pre-fill your electromechanical brake pump and power your wheels to halt a vehicle in case the system detects a risk of a collision. New luxury cars also have belt tensioning features to tighten the seat belts and minimize the risk of being thrown around or out of the vehicle when braking suddenly.

Driving around in fast luxury cars does not necessarily mean more road accidents. With the above safety features, your vehicle can be the safest one on the road. The money you spend on your purchase is thus worth the improved road safety the car guarantees.

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