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Crucial Car Maintenance Practices You Should Observe

Owning a car means you are solely responsible for keeping it well maintained and in good shape. It saves you from unnecessary spending on repairs or even having to buy another car sooner than you expected. Besides responsible driving, here are the dos and don’ts for every car owner.

Don’t Miss Service Dates

When you take your car for service, your mechanic changes the engine oil, fuel, and air filters and looks at the wheels’ lubricant levels, fluids, and other parts. The service schedules are based on these check-ups, so every day you keep driving past the service dates means you could be compromising your car’s engine, transmission system, or drivetrain. You also put your life at risk because your car could breakdown or cause an accident.

Always Buy Genuine Parts

Once in a while, you will need to change some car parts due to wear and tear. You might be tempted to fall for cheap replacement parts that have no quality guarantees. They might end up causing more damage to your car, and you will end up going back to the shop for another replacement sooner than necessary. Therefore, if you drive a Subaru, and the brake system needs replacement, stick to genuine Subaru brake parts for the best results. They might be relatively expensive, but they last longer.

Check Tire Pressure and Fluid Levels Regularly

Your tire pressure can determine the quality of your drive and how long your tires will last. Keep the tire pressure at the recommended level and make a habit of checking it every week. You also need to check the fluids levels regularly. Various fluids work in your car systems, including the brakes and clutch, windshield wiper fluid, and the engine.

Don’t Overload Your Car

Putting too much load on your vehicle strains your engine and everything else. It also makes it difficult to control your car, especially when driving on rough or slippery roads. This means that you can get into accidents. Too much load will also wear down the suspension system and other car parts, which could be expensive to replace.

Use the Parking Brake

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The parking gear is meant to stop your car from moving, but you shouldn’t depend on it entirely, especially when it is loaded or on a steep slope. Always use the parking brake to avoid damaging the transmission lock engaged by the parking gear in an automatic transmission. For a manual car, engage the first gear after you switch off and use the parking brake as well.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

Your dashboard will sometimes display several warning signs. Always pay attention to them every day and consult your mechanic if any of them turns up and you don’t know what it means. Also, listen for any strange humming of the engine or unusual sounds from the wheels, engine, or other components. If you happen to notice warning signs, visit your mechanic immediately.

Clean Your Vehicle Regularly

Did you know that cleaning your car could lengthen its useful life? As you drive your vehicle, various components are subjected to different elements, such as ice melt, road salt, mud, and dust. If you don’t wash your car, the accumulated dirt could damage the paintwork and cause scratches and dents. Therefore, you should wash your car regularly using the right products and procedures.

Maintaining your car means you will enjoy using it for a long time, and you will save a lot of money in the long run. Ensure you pay attention to your car maintenance needs to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

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