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Common Habits You Can Relate to if You Are a Book Lover

People have unique preferences and develop different habits compared to others. Some of them grow up and become interested in hobbies, such as reading and collecting books. If you are one of those who feel content in spending a quiet moment alone while reading, you are probably part of the bookworm club. This means you are one of those people who can’t seem to survive a day without reading a few book pages.

If you are a book lover, you might have experienced hearing comments from family and friends. Some people may find some of your activities as peculiar because they can’t relate to what you are doing. This is a common scenario if people around you do not share your love for books.

You don’t need to change anything to stop confusing other people with your habits. You should even pursue your love for books more because it will provide you various benefits. Aside from boosting your mood and reducing stress, it also allows you to learn more about different writing styles. Also, you get to broaden your vocabulary because you get to learn new words as you read. It’s one of the best pastimes you can enjoy without feeling guilty about how much time you spend on it.

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Every book lover has different preferences in enjoying their reading time. However, there are also a few similar routines where every bookworm can relate to. If you are a big fan of books, you can probably find the following scenarios familiar:

  • It’s a habit to reread books you have finished reading—You don’t get tired rereading your favorite books. It doesn’t matter if you have read it twice.
  • You get attached to the characters as if they are real people—You experience a roller-coaster of emotions while reading books. You develop sympathy towards some of the characters. You even fall in love with some of the fictional characters, and you think it’s normal.
  • You want to collect different versions of the same book—You don’t feel satisfied having only one version of a book that you love. It’s normal for you to spend money to get hold of the new version of the book. You also love checking out different artworks of book covers, which motivates you to buy a new version of that particular book.
  • You have created a playlist to listen to while your read—You probably built a customized playlist for songs or music you can play while reading. You also enjoy imagining the scenarios while you listen to music while flipping the pages.
  • You want to visit all the bookstores out there—When traveling, you prefer to look for books instead of buying for souvenirs. For example, you will want to visit a bookstore in Singapore before checking out other famous tourist destinations.

There’s nothing wrong if other people may not understand your habits as a bookworm. Remember, there will be times when you also can’t relate to what other people are doing. People will have unique practices that others will find confusing, funny, or somewhat different. It’s common, so you don’t need to worry about it. It would be best if you focus your energy on finishing as many books as you can. Also, don’t stop exploring new genres and different authors so that you can continue enjoying your habit of reading books.

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