Cleaning Emergency: Practical Pointers for Tidying Up Quickly

What would you do if friends, family, or workmates suddenly told you that they’d visit you in your place among the apartments for rent in Jax, FL? Or what if they told you in advance, but you forgot until the day they’re supposed to come? You might panic and try to rush cleaning without having a clue what to do first.

You should keep calm and think of a plan. It’s vital to come up with steps that you can take when dealing with this sudden situation. Follow this guide on tidying your home for your visitors in a speedy and organized manner.

Sweep Away Dust

If your biggest problem might be dust on the items and furniture that you have in your home, you have it easy. Dust the surfaces that people can see, and wipe these objects with a damp cloth. After that, sweep the floor as quickly as possible. If you have a rug, avoid putting any dust under it as it’s going to make it harder for you to clean later on. Dispose of the dirt properly.

Hide Away Unnecessary Items

Sometimes, your worst enemy would be items that are out of place. In this case, if you can’t put them away in their proper places fast enough, you can designate a temporary location for storing them instead. A spare or mostly unused room that you can lock and unlock from the outside can be a perfect hiding place. Don’t forget to put those items away where they’re supposed to be as soon as your guests leave your home.

Use Steam Cleaning

The bathroom can be quite a tricky place to clean because you can’t do so without getting it wet, but you can’t leave it wet either. If you can afford to purchase the machine, you can try steam cleaning. As the name says, it uses steam to loosen dirt as well as kill bacteria that may be living on surfaces. It might be quite an investment financially. But whatever you steam dries quickly, and the whole process is eco-friendly.

Finishing Scents

Fragrance for the house

Sure, you might be able to get everything in order visually. But the smell of whatever you left unattended for a long time can still be a problem. To remove unpleasant scents, spray air fresheners or use a scent diffuser or an air purifier. Or, if you have a lot of lemons and oranges, you can boil their peels so you can remove the odors in the process. Make sure that what’s creating the stink is not inside the house.

Once your guests have left, you know you survived the ordeal. However, this is a lesson to learn from. You might have realized some things, like if you have cleaned regularly, then you wouldn’t be so worried about what guests might do or think of your place.

You should start a routine of cleaning your place. You can clean one room at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the things that you have to tidy up.

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