Choosing Between Shop and Field Services

Many industrial processes requirethe use of heavy machinery. These heavy-duty vehicles are bulky and specifically designed to assist in performing large-scale tasks. Also, each type of heavy equipment has a distinct set of uses or applications in its line of business.

Moreover, the leading industries that utilize heavy equipment items include construction, farming, forestry, material handling, transportation, and grounds care. Accordingly, if you also own an enterprise that entails using heavy equipment, you’re probably already aware of how important it is to keep them maintained. They also require repairs now and then.

When it comes to repair and maintenance services, owners have two main options: shop service or field service. We’ll discuss the differences between the two, as well as how to determine which one is suitable for specific situations.

Shop Service

As the name implies, shop service occurs within a service facility, meaning you have to transport your equipment from your work site to the location of the shop.

A key benefit of in-shop service is that the repairs are performed within a controlled and organized environment that’s sheltered from distracting weather elements and free of dust or dirt. This is perfect for driveline maintenance and engine repairs for pieces that can sustain damage from exposure to harsh weather and soil.

Field Service

Also called on-site repair, this option doesn’t require you to move your equipment to a facility. It’s the company itself that brings the mechanics, technicians, and repair tools to your job site. Substantial machinery field services are also available 24/7. So when you badly need a piece of equipment, you don’t have to deal with the limits of a shop’s business hours.

Another primary benefit is that you can eliminate the potential of further equipment damage from moving the vehicle, as well as transport hazards. It also saves you from extra costs (i.e., driver pay) and legal issues related to insurance.

Shop or Field: Questions to Ask Yourself

Conveyor Belt system

How costly will it be to transport the equipment? If physically carrying your machine to the nearest local shop will strain your financial resources or take too much time and labor, opt for field service.

How immediately do you need your machine to be repaired? If it’s a critical emergency, the best choice is field service. But if the project for which the equipment will be used is still weeks or months away, shop service is ideal.

How bad is the damage? If the damage affects the mobility of your equipment, it’s no longer safe to try to take it to a shop. You can only worsen its condition or even cause road accidents. However, if your machine is still entirely mobile, shop service is more appropriate.

How bulky is the machine? When dealing with smaller equipment pieces, shop service is a lot more feasible. But with larger machines like excavators, bulldozers, compactors, and trucks, it’s wiser to go for field service.

Both shop and field services offer advantages and provide almost the same range of repair and maintenance services. It’s vital to assess the damage of your machine thoroughly and consider other factors, such as the involved costs, labor expenditure, and immediacy of equipment use.

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