Car Safety Measures You Cannot Avoid Not to Have

So you’ve heard that you can install more safety features in your car, but you are probably wondering what safety features are available out there and how they function. Well, this article lists some of the most useful features that you can install.

So go ahead and read for yourself, install the features and you can thank this article later for saving your life. And, that of your car of course.

Installing extra lighting

In this day and age and especially if you tend to do a lot of night driving, installing a light bar on your truck or car is almost mandatory besides the conventional car headlamps. A lot of accidents happen at night and among the reasons is poor vision when driving.

When installed, LED light bars make it easy for a driver to see everything on the road when driving. They are brighter and cover a wide area. Head on over to a shop near you that sells emergency car accessories here in KS.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is a system that comes with most new models today. It uses sensors as well as radars to lock onto the car ahead to automatically maintain a safe distance. It slows down automatically when the vehicle ahead of you slows down. It also accelerates your car immediately when the car ahead of you revs up.

Also, when the system senses a potential collision, it immediately applies the brake and tightens the seatbelts to reduce the chances of a crash.

Blind Spot Detection


No more craning your neck, thanks to this system — the blind spot detection. It monitors the road on both sides and immediately alerts you in case of any blind spot. It will send a flashing signal immediately if you try to change lanes when on a blind spot.

Lane Assist

This system is fitted in your car to alert you immediately when you start to drift off your lane. The system alerts you by either buzzing or vibrating the seat. Even better, the system goes ahead to push your steering back to keep your car from wandering off. The lane assist then ensures that you always stay on and within your lane.

Reverse park assist

With this technology, you don’t have to fidget every time you are about to parallel-park. This system that is fitted in your car enables your vehicle to steer itself into the right position. You just need to hit the button and then gently squeeze the throttle.

Election Stability Control (ESC)

This system can detect when a skid is about to happen and goes ahead to pre-empt it. It reduces the effects of skidding as well. This is a great feature for heavy cars and trucks.

Rear cross-traffic assist

No more hurriedly reversing the car on busy roads, thanks to the Rear cross-traffic assist, a system that alerts you when traffic is approaching when you are reversing your vehicle. The sensor looks at all angles behind you to check whether it is safe for you to continue reversing and alerts you through audio or a visual flash.

Thanks to technology, the accidents on our roads are slowly reducing, and soon the number of lives lost in the streets will drastically reduce. With these technologies, it is a sure bet that you will not only save your life, but you will save other lives too.

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