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Camper Van Life: Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding

There is a trend nowadays called the tiny house movement. It’s where people downsize and build themselves their own small-sized homes. Many of them have them created from truck containers or even old wood. Some go to extremes and create one out of an existing vehicle such as a van or bus. However, this kind of life isn’t for everyone.

To check whether you’re sure about it or not, you can ask yourself these simple questions.

Do You Have a Plan?

Building a new mobile home, whether you are going the DIY route or asking someone else to make it, needs much thought. You can’t just put things together and hope they work out. Everything in the home needs to be in favor of your future lifestyle. For example, are you going to go for a used SUV from Phoenix, Arizona, or are you buying something new instead? Also, what materials are you looking into using? It helps to have a vision of what you’re going to do once it’s built.

What Are You Doing It For?

Various people have different reasons why they might think of turning a vehicle into their future home. Some want to get away from the grid, while some just want the thrill of travel. Some simply want to live with less and be closer to the great outdoors. Ask yourself why you want to do it, and see if everything in your plan will fit that purpose. It’s a great way to know if you’re actually decided on it or if you’re simply daydreaming about it.

How Much Do You Need?

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This question is not just about the money and your budget for your home. It’s also about the items that you will retain in your mobile house. After all, there isn’t going to be that much space for you to put anything in. It will be wise to ask yourself about what you consider the essentials and which aren’t. Also, consider how much you can compromise when it comes to everyday needs. You’ll be surprised at what you can live without once you start thinking about it.

Are You Ready for Uncertainty?

Getting into the whole business of creating a mobile home and camper van may present you with more opportunities for freedom. However, there’s also a great deal of uncertainty that you have to face every day. Some days may go smoothly, but some days may be extremely rough. If you’re in it for the long haul, you need to be ready to face whatever comes and happens the next day. It would be better if you’re not just prepared, but also looking forward to it.

Building yourself a tiny house and living in it is already a big move in itself. Going for a mobile home is even more so. That is why you need to be genuinely decided on what you want to do and why you’re doing it. It may prove to be too much of a challenge if you’re not sure about your decision. Take the time to think about it and make choices that you won’t regret in the end.

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