Adding More Storage the Creative Way

Seeing clutter all around makes a small space even more cramped, and that’s just frustrating. Sometimes, no matter how we try to organize all our stuff, it all still ends up being a mess after a while. But with the right storage furniture, this problem will be solved.

Of course, it would be better if we get rid of the items we don’t need anymore in the first place. We want our storage items to always have room for more, so we can’t overload them all at once.

Here are some storage ideas that an experienced interior designer in Highland and other metropolitan areas approve:

Subtle vs. Statement

According to an interior designer, storage and shelving can be categorized as subtle or statement. Subtle storage is undetectable, like an ottoman bed with a compartment underneath. Statement storage, on the other hand, includes shelving and cabinet units. Open shelves are an example, which can house your collections such as travel souvenirs and trinkets. Both are smart and efficient solutions.

1. Avoid Plastic Storage Items

Big plastic boxes only make the clutter more obvious and therefore, unsightly. A beautiful credenza or console unit is recommended instead. Both have enough storage provisions where the mess cannot be seen, and the surface above can be used to creatively display other belongings, like what you would do to an open shelf.

2. Use Wall Hooks

Storage isn’t always about drawers, shelves, and the like. Wall hooks are a smart solution to hang coats, hats, scarves, and other lightweight items. With wall hooks, you can save space in your cabinets. If you place apart from each other where space is enough to accommodate every single item you hang, it can serve as good wall decor, too.

3. Fabric Cubes or Wicker Baskets

This easily accessible storage item can house children’s toys, small electronics, papers, and other difficult and unsightly clutter. You can creatively display these cubes and baskets in your living room, too.

4. Wall Storage Units

To display wall storage more creatively, you can use dissimilar items such as different colored squares and achieve unique symmetry at the walls. Some items can be up and off the floor and on the other horizontal surfaces.

5. Invest in Convertible Furniture

spacious living room

Living room furniture with built-in side tables that hug the wall not only provide more storage but more room in your living area as well. TV and sound system units with storage provisions are also more space-efficient than standalone ones.

Designing Tips

Getting rid of all unnecessary clutter comes first. Once you’re all set to start reorganizing, consider these efficient and creative tips:

  • To store large items like duvets and pillows, ottomans are your best choice.
  • Place your most prized possessions in open shelves where you can proudly showcase them.
  • Simple furniture works best in small spaces. Those with light frames, steel or timber, and open backs, as well as chairs and tables with open frames, will give the illusion of a larger floor area.
  • Light-coloured furniture, fittings, and walls would also reflect more light and will create the appearance of more space.

Following these smart tips will ease all your clutter-related stress. They don’t only give you sufficient storage; they make your home look prettier, too. Searching for ways to improve your home also challenges your creativity, which can be exciting and stimulating.

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