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4 Things That People Get Wrong About Refinacing

With the dramatic fall of mortgage rates lately, many have been considering the idea of refinancing. While this is a great time to do it, it’s important to look into certain factors. Otherwise, you’re just making things more complicated than it is.

The thing is, people often have wrong assumptions about refinancing. This is why they often find themselves hurled up in a financial bind. To avoid making mistakes about this deal, listed down are some common misconceptions and the truths behind them.

Expecting That Everyone with Existing Mortgage is Qualified to Refinance

Refinancing are for those who have a mortgage, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get an auto approval. There’s no shortcut with the process. If you think that lenders will favor you more because you have a great paying record, that isn’t just the case.

You have to remember that refinance services in Utah is still a mortgage. Thus, you have to go through the normal application process to see whether you’re qualified or not. The bank or lending company will still have to re-evaluate you regardless.

All Refinancing Terms Will Help You Cut Cost on Your Monthly Payment

Refinancing can indeed lower down rates, but it depends on the term you’ve applied for. This is why you have to understand how refinancing can affect your monthly finances. You can’t just trust other people’s word on how this deal gave them more savings.

Let’s say you’re currently on your fifth year for a 30-year term, do you think refinancing with a new 30-year loan makes sense? Not so, right? In other words, you have to find something that will put you at a greater advantage. Not because the rate is lower, doesn’t mean you’ll get more savings. You also have to do your own research and calculations.

Failing to Look for Other Available Refinancing Options

While it’s convenient to settle with a single lender, that’s not the best way to go. It can be tiring to check every lender or bank, but at least take the liberty to shop for three to four companies. This will give you an insight on what things to look for. It also widens your understanding of the differences between each refinancing options. It’s safe to say that through mortgage shopping, you’re also learning. Be sure you take the time to make a comparison.

Making a Decision Without Fully Understanding Everything

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Refinancing is considered as a major financial obligation. With that, it’s essential that you have a good understanding of how it works. If you decided to agree on a deal, be sure you know everything about it. Otherwise, you might end up getting into trouble.

If you have uncertainties, it’s best to consult or talk to someone who’s knowledgeable in the field. This is so they could explain and discuss things you need to know. Additionally, read and clarify the terms on paper. If you have questions about it, they must be addressed accordingly.

Get a better understanding of refinancing with this information. Be careful and watch out for these mistakes. This way you’ll get the best deal and take advantage of its benefits.


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