3 Tips for Marketing Your Insurance Agency Online

The internet has enabled even the smallest of companies to compete favorably with the big boys. Your insurance agency can do the same. There are so many aspects of marketing that you should pay attention to, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. Here are the insurance agency marketing tips that you can use to beat the competition.

Create a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

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Without a marketing plan, you will get nowhere. You need to know where you are going to determine how to get there. So, start by defining your marketing goals. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to create more awareness about your insurance agency? Do you want to sell more products to existing customers? Are you interested in increasing your customer base?

Your marketing plan should also include a budget. You may not have a budget as big as the major insurance companies do but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you assign a reasonable budget based on the size of your business and prioritize the marketing activities that will help you the most.

Additionally, you need to plan on how to track your marketing efforts. There are software products that can help you track the results of your online marketing campaigns. They can tell you who clicked, who converted, who subscribed, and so on. You need to identify which tracking mechanism you will use so you know if your campaign is effective.

Learn to Network

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Networking is not just done offline. You can network with people online as well. Who you know is sometimes more important than what you know. That’s because getting more customers depends on who recommends your products.

Did you know that 82% of Americans will seek recommendations from their loved ones before purchasing something? Think about it: if you have interacted with someone and they are aware that you are selling something their loved one wants, they can recommend your product or service. But that can only happen if you take the time to build a relationship with them.

It’s imperative that you learn to network. You can do this via social media forums like LinkedIn and Reddit. Building a relationship and interacting with people may involve simple actions like discussing insurance options or providing professional advice for free. It could also include agreeing to provide a professional opinion to influencers such as personal finance bloggers.

Pay Attention to What People Say About You

How people review you, your employees, and your business is something you need to pay attention to. A business reputation that you have worked hard to build over the years can be destroyed online in a matter of minutes. Managing your online reputation is part of how you can market your insurance agency. Did you know that 97% of consumers who read reviews also read the responses the business makes to those reviews?

When someone complains about your business, don’t lose your head. If you have made a mistake, accept it and apologize. If there is a misunderstanding, clarify it politely. Sometimes you may need to give an incentive to make up for a mistake. This could include a gift certificate, a discount on an insurance product, etc.


Run your insurance agency like the boss that you are and market it accordingly. Always remember that how you behave online is always part of your marketing effort. Ensure that all aspects of your marketing strategy will provide positive results for your brand.

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