3 Amazing Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods in Phoenix, Arizona

Finding a new place to call your home is one of the most difficult choices you have to make. With so many factors to consider, how can you decide which neighborhood is the best for you or your family?

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the most thriving metropolises in the Western United States. Aside from breath-taking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the city has much to offer newcomers and many communities for recent transplants to the Grand Canyon State.

The following are three of the best up-and-coming neighborhoods in and around the Valley of the Sun where you can settle and start putting down roots.

1. Roosevelt Row

For creative minds and families, Roosevelt Row is the neighborhood to go. This community is known as the “walkable arts district” of Phoenix. RoRo, as it’s affectionately called by its residents, is home to multiple award-winning galleries, like Modified Arts. The gallery cultivates artwork from local artists and exhibits pieces from international artists.

A  simple walk down one of Roosevelt Row’s many streets is a lesson in art. Aside from art galleries, other cultural establishments line the streets of the neighborhood. Even the streets themselves routinely feature artwork in the form of colorful murals.

If you want to be surrounded by the vibrant energy of creative minds, Roosevelt Row is where you should find your home.

2. Mesa

Are you hungry for new culinary vistas? Do you wish to expose your family’s palate to new and exciting flavors? Then you should start looking for a company that buys homes for cash and seek out a new one in Phoneix’s aptly named Mesa area.

You and your family will feel comfortable as you walk along Mesa’s streets, which exude a small-town charm. Quiet and peaceful, Mesa’s real draw is in places like All Pierogi Kitchen, a restaurant that specializes in Ukrainian and Polish cuisines. Mesa has restaurants that represent just about every major cuisine, from Mediterranean bistros to lavish Indian eateries.

For the family that eats well together to stay together, Mesa is the hottest dish there is.

3. North Gateway

house tour

Safety is one of the categories high up on Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs. It’s only natural that you want to live in a place where you won’t have to keep a baseball bat next to you just to feel safe. And North Gateway will allow you to feel secure.

According to aggregated data, North Gateway has 42 percent less crime than the United States average. Even more enticing for future homeowners is that the neighborhood is an incredible 91 percent safer than any other community in Arizona.

For your peace of mind, try North Gateway as your new address.

Finding a new home is a big decision. But thanks to multiple reports, transparency, and technological innovations, it’s becoming easier to make an informed decision on where you want to relocate. Places like North Gateway and Mesa may have been hard to find a few years ago, but now you can see for yourself whether these up-and-coming communities are the homes you’ve been looking for.

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